CanadaSeptember 16, 2022by Prominent Overseas Career10 things to ask your Canada immigration consultant

Canada has one of the world’s highest immigration rates. Thousands of Indians apply to Canada immigration programmes each year in the hopes of establishing a new life. Canada provides several options to study, work, and settle down for good. It has a strong economy and offers the highest level of living to those who choose to live there. It’s no surprise that Canada has emerged as one of the most popular immigration destinations for Indianscropped-Canada-Visa-Application-And-Indian-Passport-1.jpg

Every year, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) receives a large number of applications from people all over the world for temporary and permanent visas. Many people apply on their own, while others seek the assistance of Canadian immigration agents. If you want a stress-free immigration application procedure, go with a consultant. You must seek for a reliable one who will provide you with the desired outcome. But how can you know which consultant is best for you? To find out, you must ask your potential Canada Immigration agent some very crucial questions.


Here are ten questions to ask your Canada Immigration agent before hiring them to complete your Canada PR Visa application:

  1. Determine whether they are registered.

Every nation has a licensing system in place to protect newcomers from being taken advantage of by shady immigration companies. There is a good likelihood that if you interact with an unregistered agent, they will lie to you. Check ICCRC accreditation while seeking for a Canada immigration agent.

  1. Determine how simple it is to communicate with them.

When you employ someone to assist you with your immigration needs, you should be able to interact with them frequently and directly in order to eliminate communication gaps. This allows you to keep track of your application at each stage. A professional firm will assign you a specialised agent who will help you through the entire procedure and explain everything in detail. If an agent makes excuses or refuses to supply you with their contact information, they may not be the correct immigration consulting for you.

  1. Learn more about their success stories.

Inquire about the immigration consultant’s success tales to determine their sincerity and dependability. A reputable consultant’s results and positive feedback should be shown on their website. You may also question them directly about specifics such as how many visas they obtained in the previous year. This will give you a better understanding of how reliable an immigration agent is and whether you should use them for your Canada PR visa application.

  1. Learn more about their programmes.

Many consultancies say that if you choose their immigration package, they would assist you find work in Canada. Do not be afraid to ask them for the fine print and facts concerning these plans, as well as how to cross-check them. A reputable consultant would usually have partners or expertise in the destination country. Before you commit to any agency, learn as much as you can about their supplementary plans, which may appear too profitable to pass up.

  1. Learn more about the post-landing service.

Several immigration consultants will also promise to provide a plethora of post-arrival services once you get your visa. Airport pick-up and lodging help are among the services provided. You may always ask the consultant for references from others who have used their post-landing services to ensure the quality of their service. You may also look for internet reviews of the firm in this respect.

  1. Inquire about their immigration experience.

Finding out how long an immigration consultant has been in business will help you determine how excellent they are. Some may have been in the industry for over a decade, while others may be fresher. It is always a good idea to select a firm with knowledgeable employees that can answer all of your Canada PR immigration questions and show you the best method to apply for your visa.

  1. Determine what distinguishes them from the competition.

Everything is now available online. You may compare numerous immigration consultants by reading their profiles on their websites and learning about what they have to offer. Once you’ve reduced it down to a handful, find out what advantages a specific agent or firm has over others in the field. This will assist you in deciding which immigration consultant to engage for your Canada permanent residency application.

  1. Determine what will happen if your application is denied.

The promise to return your money is one that most immigration consultants will make. Almost every agency will tell you that if your application is denied, they will return your money. However, you are not engaging an immigration attorney to ensure that your application is rejected. Find out if the agency is aware of the process for submitting a review of your application or if any alternatives are available. A professional organization will assist you in expediting your visa application.

  1. Inquire about their documentation assistance.

Getting your visa papers correct is an important element of any immigration application. Inquire with the agency about the aspects of documents they can aid with, such as visa evaluation, visa application, document advice, document submission, visa fee payment support, and so forth. Determine whether they have any dedicated officials who will take you through the various processes and assist you in making sense of the complete visa papers.

  1. Inquire whether you can obtain any recommendations.

One of the greatest methods to select a Canada immigration counselor is to inquire for recommendations from past clients. Find out if they can put you in touch with their clientele so you can obtain honest feedback from them. You may also look at their web reviews to see how reliable they are.

By answering these questions, you may select the best Canada immigration expert to assist you in obtaining a Canada Permanent Residence visa without any complications. Prominent Overseas Careers is a group of immigration and visa experts. Consultants provide competent, legitimate, and dependable visa processing services to all people seeking to settle, work, or study in Canada and other areas of the world.