CanadaSettle in CanadaUncategorizedSeptember 3, 2022by Prominent Overseas Career3 Simple Steps to Land a Job in Canada from India

One of the most appealing characteristics of Canada is its employment opportunities. Canada has always been a source of job possibilities, particularly for Indians.

Every year, thousands of Indians travel to Canada, mostly because this country offers the highest-paying employment in the world.


What documents are needed to apply for a job in Canada?

  • To apply for a Canadian job from India, you will need the following documents:
  • Resume for Professionals
  • Cover letter to accompany your job application
  • Previous Employment Documents
  • Paystubs as proof of pay
  • Identity verification
  • Passport
  • Work Permit/Visa
  • Canada’s labour need is growing at an alarming rate. It’s the ideal moment to relocate.



How to Get a Job in Canada from India?

  1. Create a CV that avoids using filters.

For many of us, producing a resume appears to be a straightforward chore. A CV, on the other hand, necessitates a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Every month, a Canadian corporation receives hundreds of employment applications. It is tough for humans to sift all of this. As a result, the majority of businesses delegate the duty of sifting CVs to a technology known as an “Application Tracking System.”

This system will scan all CVs and filter them based on keywords, resume formats, alignment, profiles with images, and so on.

The first step in getting a job in Canada is to contact the HR department. Create your CV with our resume writing services to receive the most responses.

  1. Select the best sources for job applications.

In 2022, the way of applying for employment has entirely altered. To get recognised by employers, you must use a multi-channel strategy. With the advent of Linkedin and other portals, connecting with the perfect job is easier than ever.

Posting positions on numerous Canadian employment sites, using social media, contacting Canadian HR consultants, and applying for recent openings directly on the company’s website will help you produce answers rapidly.

  1. Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada

Having a Canada PR increases your chances threefold. The employer will seek for people who have the legal right to work in Canada and are not sponsored by the firm.

It is wise to apply for Canadian permanent residency if you have a solid degree and job experience.

Our experts can assist you with obtaining a visa to Canada in the least amount of time.


How can Prominent assist you with finding work in Canada?

At Prominent Overseas Careers, we offer answers to any problem that an Indian may have during a job application.

Create resumes that will impress Canadian companies with a click-bait resume.

We ensure that your resume meets Canadian requirements and is click-bait because every country follows a systematic pattern of resume development.


  • Smart Tracking: Most resumes are rejected by companies and never make it to their mailbox.

To address this issue, we employ a sophisticated method that ensures your resume reaches the recruiter’s mailbox and is read.

  • Constant Efforts: For the next two months, we will be working on your profile nonstop. Throughout this period, all viable selections are sorted and applied to.

We promote your CV to firms looking for people with talents similar to yours.

  • Interview Preparation: Getting a recruiter to say yes is not a simple feat. Through interview preparation aid, our professionals teach you how to unlock the secret of landing a job.

Our instruction becomes more realistic thanks to mock sessions.

  • Advanced Services: If your spouse is joining you on your immigration to Canada, we can assist you both find work with our job search service.


What is the average time it takes to find work in Canada?

Workpolis once ran a poll to determine how long it takes a skilled worker in Canada to find work.

It discovered that more than half of job searchers were able to find work within 16 weeks of applying.

Many candidates reported that they applied to only 10 job listings before receiving their offer.


Why is Canada the finest location to work for Indians?

According to Randstad, most job seekers pick Canada for reasons such as cultural diversity, high-paying work, career opportunities, and a variety of other criteria.


These five factors are sufficient for an Indian worker to begin their career in Canada:

Multicure: No bias of religion or caste

Beneficial for families: Safety and social benefits

Economical: Highest paying jobs in the service sector

Tech-Savvy: Fastest growing country in terms of tech jobs

Paid Benefits: Best in North America


How to Find a Job in Canada in a Short Period of Time?

Finding a job in Canada can be a difficult endeavour if you do not have a thorough grasp of the Canadian labour market and do not plan ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to do to acquire a job in Canada quickly:


Prepare an Active Job Strategy:

You will not find a job by just uploading your resume on Canadian employment boards and waiting for results. You must actively seek for available employment and apply for them.

Doing so might be difficult given your hectic work and personal schedule. As a result, engage a job search consultant for yourself.

Because job search professionals are well-versed in the Canadian job market and everything related to Canadian jobs, enlisting their aid would be quite beneficial.


To apply for a Permanent Resident Visa, follow these steps:

If you believe that applying for a work visa for a Canadian employment is a smart idea, reconsider.

Candidates with PR visas are given advantage over work permit holders by Canadian businesses. This is primarily due to:

Permanent resident visa holders bring the assurance of long-term residency in the country.

This offers companies confidence that the chosen candidate’s talent will be valuable in the long term.

Employers are also enticed to recruit PR visa holders since they do not have to incur any LMIA costs.

When the candidate wins citizenship after three years, he will be a valuable addition to the Canadian economy.



Why are Indians chosen? The majority of Indians possess the skills and aptitude that Canada requires for economic prosperity.

A greater number of candidates than other nations’ citizens are able to fulfil Canada’s immigration criteria.

A certification may be necessary for specific vocations or specialised trades. Similarly, you may be required to present any practical competence test results for particular positions.

Consult our job search experts for a customised list of documents based on your qualifications.


Why is Permanent Residency a Good Option for Finding Work in Canada in 2022?

Because of the prestige it confers, a permanent resident visa is always preferred over a work permit. This visa grants you a permanent residency card, akin to a Green Card in the United States.

Furthermore, you do not need a work offer to apply for this visa. Both the job search and the visa application procedure can take place at the same time.

All you have to do is earn 67 points through Canada’s Express Entry (immigration system) then apply for a visa online.

After obtaining this visa, you will be allowed to:

  • Work in any part of Canada.
  • Work for any Canadian corporation.
  • If necessary, switch between companies/jobs.
  • Allow your spouse to work without a special permit.
  • The ability to apply for any job open to Canadians.
  • Apply for unemployment benefits through a variety of programmes.
  • Enjoy the benefits of permanent residence (free education and free healthcare)
  • In three years, you will be able to petition for Canadian citizenship.