Canadian job vacancies reached 435,000 in the first three months of 2019. Canada’s private sector job vacancies have reached very high which rates 3.3 percent in the first quarter of the year. The number of invitations has been increased.

The Canadian Federation of independent business says the highest number of unfilled is reported in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick follows.

Canada Job Vacancies For Immigration:

The vacancies rate of Canada has been increasing from the past two years. It reached the highest record of 4,35,000.

This shortage is mainly seen in the skilled sector than in the semiskilled and unskilled sector.  The labor shortage is a challenge for employers, especially in Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario.

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Canada Province Facing Shortage Of Labour:

Quebec has the highest job vacancies rating of 4.1% by the first quarter. British Columbia, Ontario stands second and third reached 3.6 and 3.3 respectively.

Province Vacancy Rate Change Unfilled Jobs
Quebec 4.1% +0.1% 1,20,800
British Columbia 3.6% +0.1% 69,400
Ontario 3.3% +0.1% 1,74,800
New Brunswick 2.8%   – 6,600
Manitoba 2.4%   – 10,400
Saskatchewan 2.3% +0.1% 8,000
Nova Scotia 2.3% -0.1% 7,000
Alberta 2.1% -0.1% 33,800
& Labrador
1.9% +0.1% 2,800
Prince Edward Island 1.8% +0.1% 900

In View Of Canada Sector Wise Changes:

There is report for sector wise shortage in labour for Canada province in which it includes Construction industry, Personal services, Business in Agriculture, Hospitality

Shortages of labour in Canada by sector are as follows:

  • Construction industry-4.9%
  • Personal services-4.7%
  • Business in agriculture-3.8%
  • Hospitality-3.7%

Drastic change in Employment by Immigration:

Canada province saw a record of 1,06,500 and 27,700 jobs added in April and May respectively. This situation has benefited the recent immigrant’s ages between 25 and 54.

Stay Tuned for the latest update about Canada Province.

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