CanadaLife in CanadaSeptember 14, 2022by Prominent Overseas Career7 Benefits of hiring a Consultant for Your Canada PR Visa Process

Canada PR visa is a popular choice for those who want to migrate to Canada. The immigrant-friendly policies of Canada and the government’s encouragement of migrants to come and settle here have motivated many people to try and migrate here.

Helen Keller said, “Alone, we can achieve so little; together, we can do so much.” This fits perfectly with the straightforward Canadian immigration procedure although assistance from a visa processing business professional is recommended.

Here, we shall discuss the advantages of engaging an immigration expert.


Why You Must Employ the Finest Immigration Consultant


Guidance in Visa Selection

Each visa category is unique. You may be qualified for more than two programs simultaneously. It may be challenging for you to choose the finest decision. Here, the PR consultant’s function becomes crucial.

A PR consultant or immigration consultant assists you to choose the appropriate visa program for you based on the demand for your profile in Canada.

He/she also assists you in comprehending your exact score which would otherwise be impossible with the use of free online evaluation forms.


Comprehending and Resolving Complicated Issues

The first step in obtaining a Canada visa (after the eligibility check) is the Evaluation of Educational Credentials. The restrictions for sealed transcripts hinder the majority of applicants at this stage.

Despite the fact that there is nothing difficult about this stage. However, hiring a PR expert will save you time which you would otherwise expend in learning the method.

Similarly, when your GCkey is cancelled or when your NOC is incorrect. A consultant may assist you in developing the most effective solutions.


Applications with Excellent Preparation and Presentation

Your application must be presented effectively to be taken into account by both Canadian immigration authorities and Canadian employers recruiters who seek applicants from the Express Entry pool.

Professionally approved visa applications are professionally prepared by immigration specialists. This is another reason why you want their assistance. They can be of great assistance during the Canadian immigration process.


Verified Documentation and Method

Do you realise that a single discrepancy between papers and data might prevent you from entering Canada permanently?

On occasion, Canadian authorities may declare you to be a fraud. If they discover that your papers do not correspond with the information you provided.

A Canada immigration professional will assist with document verification before submittal by a reputable and knowledgeable agency.


Current on Laws and Effective in Follow-Up

Following the submission of your application, there may be two-way contact. This is necessary between the applicant and immigration officials.

PR visa specialists can function as your application’s advocate. They can guarantee that communication is carried out efficiently.

Moreover, whether there are any modifications to immigration laws or processes. PR visa specialists will keep you informed of relevant developments.


Suggest Alternative Options (When Required)

Despite satisfying all of the qualifying criteria in addition to submitting the application in the most effective method you may not be fortunate enough to obtain a visa.

In such a circumstance, immigration professionals assist your hopes by providing different possibilities.

Consultants recommend your alternatives. This facilitates migration to Canada via other visa schemes. Or by expanding the present visa process’s reach.


Each Detail Is Considered

A crucial component of Canada immigration applications that the majority of applicants overlook is adapting particulars to the circumstances of life.

If you get married, change jobs, have a new child, etc., you must promptly amend your application. We ensure that this is carried out on your behalf after we have been notified.

Consultants can explain the procedure to you. They are eager to inform you about every minute aspect of the procedure. So that it does not become an impediment in the future.

Experience distinguishes the consulting class. Start the visa application process with Prominent.


How much do immigration consultants in Canada cost?

Costs associated with the Canadian immigration procedure differ from consultant to consultant. And frequently vary by profile.

This cost is set and determined by the services provided. And expenditures incurred by the consultant in processing formalities.


Canada Permanent Residency Fee:

  • Primary Candidate Fee: 850 CAD (51,596 INR approx.)
  • Secondary Candidate Fee: 850 CAD (51,596 INR approx.)
  • Child Fee (under 22 years of age): 230 CAD (13,961 INR approx.)
  • Medical Fee & Police Verification: 5000 – 8000 INR approximately
  • Right to Permanent Resident Fee (each applicant): 515 CAD (31,261 INR approx.)
  • Provincial Nomination Fee: Varies by province

In addition to this, you are needed to pay additional costs for your Canada PR obligations.

These consist of:

IELTS Exam Charge: 15,550 INR (subjected to change)

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): 250-500 CAD (15,175-30,350 INR approx.)


Is an Immigration Consultant Required for Canada?

Immigration consultants are experts in the Canadian visa application procedure. They direct you to ensure the success of the procedure. In addition, they overcome any obstacles of rejection that may develop in your case.

If you feel that the visa application procedure is a waste of time and money, you should not squander years of your life on it. Consultation with an immigration consultant is always advised.

Canada’s PR channels are more intricate than those of other nations.



Can You Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada Without a Consultant?

Yes, you may apply for a Canada PR without the assistance of a professional, but you must overcome all obstacles on your own.

In addition to this, there are several more reasons why you should not apply for a PR visa without a consultant:

There is a possibility of visa denial.

There may be errors in the method.

You may adhere to an outdated immigration statute (unaware of the changed policies)

It may be challenging to choose the correct visa program.

Identifying a substantially equivalent NOC can be difficult.

You may not meet the submission deadlines.

Unable to comprehend what to do if the application is not chosen




Why Should You Retain the Finest Canadian PR Application Consultants?

You employ attorneys, financial consultants, and other professionals for matters of significance.

Likewise, you need an immigration counsellor for a major career shift. Migration is not simply a trip from one nation to another. It is a new beginning for your whole job, lifestyle, place of residence, surroundings, and finances, and you must go farther.

During this life-altering juncture, you must be certain that you are moving in the proper route.

Throughout the procedure, an immigration consultant will serve as your counsellor, mentor, and guide.


Why Select Prominent Overseas?

Here is some solid guidance. Before selecting a consulting firm, conduct exhaustive research on its history. Then, reach a conclusion.

People from all over the globe desire to live in Canada for a variety of reasons. With Prominent Overseas, you can anticipate a struggle and predictable outcomes. We are highly qualified visa experts that will help you through the whole visa application procedure.

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Forms are crucial to the immigration procedure to Canada. If you seek out consulting services, you will receive experienced advice. They have done this for years and are familiar with the route. Consultants are well-versed in every topic and alternative and will advise you in the proper route.

Therefore, you will have more time to focus on other vital matters, such as job, school, and family. Prior to immigrating to Canada, you may need to take care of a variety of additional matters. This alone is sufficient motivation for many individuals to hire a consultant.