CanadaJune 3, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerA Quick Guide to Moving to Saskatchewan in 2022

Over the last half-century, Canada has earned a great reputation for welcoming immigrants into its numerous provinces, each with its own set of requirements and benefits.

This quick read will teach you everything you need to know about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, including its immigration process and benefits. Continue reading.

What accurately is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program is known as SINP. This immigration programme permits the province to propose non-Canadian candidates with skilled trades for permanent residency (PR) and employment in Saskatchewan to the federal government.

It has the following main characteristics:
  • Its goal is to bridge the labour market gaps created by the ageing population and low birth rate.
  • The application is assessed based on a variety of characteristics such as education, occupation, and so on.

What are the various SINP programmes?

Selection Factor Points
Education and training Maximum 23 points
Language proficiency Maximum 20 points
Skilled work experience Maximum 15 points
Connection to Saskatchewan labor market Maximum 30 points
Age Maximum 12 points
Total points Maximum 100 points
Minimum Points Required: 60 points
Applications are accepted in the following categories:

Saskatchewan’s Perspective
It is for foreign nationals with a valid work permit or a temporary work permit who already have a job and live in Saskatchewan. This is broken down further into subcategories.

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The following are the sub-categories:
  • Worker who already has a work permit.
  • Agriculture Worker (Semi-skilled) with a Current Work Permit.
  • Students in the Long-haul Truck Driver Project International skilled workers in the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project.
  • The major goal is to fill the gaps in Saskatchewan’s labour market with foreign workers who fit the job’s criteria and needs.
It includes the following types of immigrants:
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry Occupation in Demand Business Immigration Job Offer.
  • This category is for immigrants who wish to establish a farming operation in Saskatchewan. It consists of three immigration streams aimed at people who want to start a new business.
The following are the sub-categories:
  • Farm manager and owner.
  • Entrepreneurship graduate from an international university.

What are the SINP Eligibility Requirements?

A minimum score of 60 points is required to be eligible for the SINP. This is how you acquire the score:
Note: Beginning November 24, 2020, bilingual International Skilled Worker applicants will receive bonus points under the SINP. Those who are fluent in both English and French can get up to ten points.
Documents Required for Saskatchewan PNP Application
Job Seeker Validation Code and Express Entry Profile Number

Language test outcomes such as:
  • IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System (IELTS, GENERAL TRAINING).
  • Program for Assessing English Language Proficiency in Canada (CELPIP).
  • French language evaluation test (TEF).
  • Training and/or post-secondary education documentation.
  • 1 year of full-time, paid work experience in NOC O, A, or B is required. Occupations with Skill.
  • Proof of Employment and a Letter of Recommendation Proof of Professional Status or Licensure (if applicable).
  • Evidence of settlement funds.
  • Documents proving family ties or close relatives (if applicable).
  • Evidence of Saskatchewan work and/or study (if applicable).
  • Certificates of identity, passports, health, and character

How to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP Without a Job Offer in 2022?

Here’s how to apply for permanent residency without a job offer in 2022:
Step 1: Create an Express Entry Profile
Step 2: When asked where you want to live, pick Saskatchewan.
Step 3: Create a profile on SINP’s online portal.
Step 4: Once you have completed all of the formalities, it will be reviewed by Saskatchewan immigration authorities.
Step 5: You will then be given a time to upload your PDF documents.
Step 6: If they believe you are qualified, they will nominate you for a provincial position.
Step 7: Apply for permanent resident status.
Step 8: You will then be granted a visa through the visas avenue.
And you can now relocate to Canada!

How much does SINP Cost?

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) application fee is $300.

How long does SINP take to process?

The entire application process usually takes 6 months.
Other Important Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the SINP programme one of the best ways to obtain Canadian permanent residency?

The following are the primary advantages of SINP:

  • You can get your PNP nomination in as little as three months!.
  • Language proficiency requires only 4.5 bands out of 12 on the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  • SINP applications are significantly fewer in number than visa applications for federal skilled workers.
  • The Saskatchewan government decides who should be nominated for immigration to the province.
  • You are not required to obtain a job offer letter from Saskatchewan. You should only have a post-secondary education and work experience in the relevant field.

What is the system of Expressions of Interest?

SINP launched the Expression of Interest (EOI) system in 2019. Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements can submit an Expression of Interest to join the candidate pool. This system ensures that only qualified candidates can apply.
If you are a skilled worker seeking permanent residency in Saskatchewan, you can apply for Saskatchewan PNP express entry with ease.

What are the most important things you should do before moving to Saskatchewan?

A few things must be considered for a smooth transition.
1. Language Ability
It is always preferable to be fluent in English rather than simply meeting the minimum requirement. It will assist you in communicating with others, finding a skilled occupation, and gaining access to services.
2. Locate a place to stay
It is best to find temporary housing for the first few weeks before looking for permanent housing.

What are the advantages of relocating to Saskatchewan?

When it comes to attracting skilled workers, Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s most popular provinces. The number of people who have moved there has increased dramatically in the last five years. Are you curious as to why?
Let us examine what this province has to offer:
Development and growth
A plethora of job opportunities with good pay
System of advanced education
Immigration policies that are beneficial


The Saskatchewan Nominee Program is a points-based system that includes an express entry pool where candidates can create their profile and apply to express their interest in the programme.


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The following are the minimum requirements for Saskatchewan express entry:

  • For the language proficiency test, you must have at least 7 per band in IELTS.
  • You must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education or training that is equivalent to the Canadian educational system.
  • Your work experience should be in the same field as your academic credentials.
  • If you currently reside in Canada, you must provide proof of residency.
  • Along with the settlement plan, you must provide evidence of sufficient funds for settlement.
  • A minimum score of 60 out of 100 on the SINP point assessment grid is required.

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