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In India, there are several immigration consulting companies. Kansas is one of the top three visa consulting firms in the country, according to a list of the nation’s finest businesses.  With tens of thousands of delighted clients worldwide, Prominent Overseas has firmly established itself as studies of the leading study abroad advisors in India.


When it comes to international schooling, Prominent Overseas Career provides a variety of options. These services prepare you not only for the application procedure and subsequent interviews, but also in a variety of other areas, such as language competence examinations.

In addition to assisting with academic essay writing, SOPs facilitate the acquisition of letters of reference. In addition,Prominent provides professionally chosen profiles on employment portals that can assist you in landing a job and earning a consistent income in the nation of your choosing.

All of these services make the adjustment to a new nation far easier than it would be otherwise. A secure salary, an outstanding institution of higher education, and a great visa application are all essential components of success overseas.

Services for international education

Prominent Overseas Career does not believe in wasting time. The following services are available to evaluate and enhance your chances of success. Higher education may be a turning point in a person’s career and lifestyle, and these services can assist you achieve the greatest possible outcome.

The following visa-related services are provided:

As there is a big candidate pool from which to pick, it is essential to evaluate the strength of your application. Before moving forward with your application, Prominent Overseas examines its likelihood of success.

Documentation: The documentation is reviewed for procedural and structural faults and formatted according to optimum standards.
A case officer is assigned to each client in order to minimise keep prior records and minimise misunderstanding. This ensures that no customer information is lost, and the client is carefully guided through the application process.
Before submitting an application for a visa, the application is reviewed to verify that it is error-free.
Complimentary exam preparation: There are various language proficiency tests that students need to take for visa applications. A consultant in education, such as Kansas, will prepare you for these exams.

Your ability to speak the language is strongly associated with your adaptation in the specific nation, making language competency exams a crucial component of your application.
Visa Interviews: Visa interviews assess to return home.

Post-Landing Service : These are essential to your application’s success. Immigration agents will inquire about the purpose of your vacation, the specifics of your course, the duration of your stay, and your read in This is a crucial component of your study abroad experience, as you will have a clear plan to adhere to upon arrival in your target country.
These are the fundamental services provided for all visa types, including study abroad programmes. The following services cater only to students who wish to study abroad:

This service is provided by Kansas to assist international students in picking the appropriate university program according to their needs. The alternatives are presented to to pupils in toto facilitate their decision-making.
Mentorships are arranged for students who require assistance in areas outside the application procedure. Existing students at institutions overseas are able to assist new candidates to the best of their ability.

Writing Services: Several application-related materials, such as personal essays, letters of reference, and purpose statements, are written and formatted by Kansas to increase your application’s chances of success.

Scholarships: Kansas will seek out the greatest available scholarships and school loans to make studying abroad financially viable. Paid internships allow students to get both money and experience.

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