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Are you having trouble deciding on a good immigration consultancy? To assist you in obtaining that coveted Canadian visa? Or do you believe you can handle everything on your own? Whatever the case may be. Continue reading to learn why you should hire. A licenced Canadian immigration consultant. And how you can select one.

Prior to deciding on the best consultancy service. You should investigate why you require assistance. And how you can select them. To increase your chances of relocating to your ideal location.

How Can Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants Help You?

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Members in good standing are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, or RCIC. Who is legally authorised by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, abbreviated as ICCRC. The Canadian government has approved these members. To assist applicants in applying for a Canadian visa for a fee.

It is best to seek professional assistance only from RCIC. Because they are ICCRC-approved. As well as relevant knowledge and experience. You wouldn’t have to worry about being duped. When you choose to have your Canada visa consultation with an RCIC.

Here are a few examples. You would be assisted by authorised Canadian certified immigration consultants. To obtain a Permanent Resident visa in Canada, follow these steps:

Understanding Canada’s Immigration System: RCIC The ICCRC’s registered or authorised consultants are always up to date. With the Canadian immigration service’s visa-granting system. They will inform you of the most recent documentation requirements. They have firsthand knowledge of the ICCRC score and much more. Of Canada’s immigration system.

Because of their extensive professional and personal knowledge. The immigration system in Canada. RCIC can advise you on which visas you are eligible to apply for. And which programmes you might be unsuitable for.

The authorities have granted RCIC a licence: Obtaining an RCIC licence is a difficult task. It requires extensive training, knowledge, and experience. Along with a solid reputation. To obtain an RCIC licence. Because these professionals must renew their licences every year or so. They must be aware of all recent developments in the immigration system.

Prominent Overseas RCICs follow a strict code of conduct. And have to follow them. The code of conduct is only in place to ensure that clients or immigrants receive the best possible advice. As well as ongoing professional guidance.

RCICs also have positive relationships with government officials. And the work permit from the immigration office. To protect your best interests.

RCIC Assists in Avoiding Mistakes and Handling Aplomb in your Application: Attempting to contact the embassy or consulate directly takes time. And a time-consuming one. The procedure is lengthy and complex. And there is nothing served in a cup of tea. However, when you work with a Registered Canada Immigration Consultant. You are not required to conduct hours of research.

RCIC ensures that your application is filled as thoroughly as possible. Furthermore, they have a good relationship with the authorities. And understand exactly what is required for the application to be approved. It does not only improve your chances of obtaining Permanent and Immigrant Citizenship. However, it also saves you a significant amount of time and stress.


They Can Provide a Customized Strategy Based on Your Profile: A thorough understanding of the Canadian immigration system. In addition to years of work experience. This makes the RCIC an excellent advisor. In addition, he is a strategist. According to your profile. They can help you develop a strategy. This increases your chances of obtaining a Canadian visa.


They will also provide you with a detailed timeline. How long the process will take and how you can speed it up. The importance of clarity in the visa application process cannot be overstated. Because there is so much at stake. And having an RCIC at your disposal can help you do just that.

Good RCICs Would Expand Your Immigration Options: Workers, single parents, and students are all represented. An RCIC assisted them all in obtaining Permanent Citizenship in Canada. So they know everything. And can suggest the possibility of immigrating to Canada. That you might not have considered before. Having a plethora of options at your disposal can be beneficial. You select the better path that is tailored specifically to you.

Why is it critical to work with a licenced immigration consultant?

If you have received calls from unauthorised agents claiming to be able to send you to Canada for a low fee. Be cautious of them. Unauthorized Canada immigration consultants have long been involved in duping people through immigration fraud. They duped them into thinking they could actually send them to Canada.

Because the Canadian Council does not have the legal authority to authorise these unlicensed agents. These applications are also not accepted by the Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship. If you request that they submit a visa application on your behalf. The application will be quickly rejected and returned to you.

As a result, hiring unlicensed authorities is a bad idea. The RCIC may charge a higher fee than these unauthorised agents. However, it will cover all aspects of the process. Furthermore, RCIC at Prominent Overseas guarantees a full refund of your service fee. If your application is turned down.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a licenced immigration representative consultant. To apply for a visa in Canada, follow these steps:

They can find you a way through one of the 60 immigration programmes.

When you first start looking into applying for a visa in Canada. You’d learn about a few popular immigration assistance programmes. Express Entry Program, similar to Quebec Skilled Workers Program. And the Provincial Nominee Program.

Unlicensed consultants are also likely to recommend one of these. But did you know that there are 60 immigration programmes in Canada to obtain a visa and citizenship?

Even if you become aware of these. You will not be able to choose one for yourself. Your profile eligibility would be checked by a licenced consultant. And assist you in completing the proper application if you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the popular programmes.

Everything in One Place

When you start researching Canadian immigration on government websites. Brochures, forums, and more are available. You’d learn how diverse the process has recently become. Lack of understanding of clauses and legal requirements. More can result in the application being rejected.

However, you will not find all of the information in one place. On the official website as well. A live session with a licenced immigration consultant can help to reduce the likelihood of mistakes. And increase those of approval.

Assist with interactions with legal authorities

Interacting with legal authorities is not an easy task. When confronted with legal authorities, some of you may become quite intimidated. And nerves can lead to you telling half-truths. This can lead to rejections.

Your licenced agent will assist you at every step. And make filing your application as simple as possible. You won’t have to be concerned. Concerning any step. As your professional consultant is always available to you.

You may now believe that any registered consultant would be suitable for you. Don’t believe me until you read the following section.

Why Should You Hire the Best Immigration Consultant for Your Canadian PR Application? 

Migration is a journey into a new world. It is not only about obtaining residency. In addition to travelling to the destination city. You must be prepared to begin a new career, lifestyle, and environment. You must become accustomed to modern conveniences. And deal with new finances and other issues.

You cannot rely on any other consultant. To provide you with the best possible advice on all aspects of immigration. You must hire the best immigration consultants available. To make the transition to your new life as easy as possible. Here are a few compelling reasons. Why you should only work with the best immigration consultants:

Clarity on Visa Category Selection

As previously stated. Over 60 immigration programmes and procedures are available. The immigration process can appear to be quite hectic at times. Furthermore, without proper guidance. You’ll only become more prone to errors.

And keep in mind that even one mistake in a visa application can result in your efforts being wasted. Furthermore, there may be instances. When you have a good chance of approval in two categories. How do you solve the puzzle?

You will undoubtedly require the assistance of a qualified and registered consultant. Who can advise on the best course of action? Based on his expertise and experience.

The best consultants are also aware of the current needs of the Canadian government. And the programme with the best chances of being approved for you.

Resolving Obstacles and Other Complex Issues

When you have finished your eligibility check. You’d have to take the Education Credential Assessment. The transcript requirements are sealed here. And it becomes a barrier for some students and job candidates.

Hiring a professional consultant would make the process go more smoothly. Because they allow you to quickly grasp the process. Other common issues include GCKey revocation and incorrect NOC. Which can be difficult to solve on your own. The best consultants would provide you with viable solutions.

Without Error Document Verification

Failure to take document verification seriously can result in a permanent roadblock. In your hopes of remaining in Canada. That is correct. And with so much paperwork and verification required. Errors are not uncommon.

To avoid being labelled a liar. You should have your documents checked by a reputable immigration consultant. This will help to ensure that you do not jeopardise your chances of migration. Simply by making a stupid but costly error.

Application Proper Presentation

You only have one chance to impress. Both the immigration application authorities and your potential Canadian employers. You only have your application to make a lasting impression. In the Express Entry Pool, on both relevant authorities.

However, you are unsure of how you want to approach your applications. Without the assistance of a professional. Furthermore, keep in mind that your competitors are also using reputable immigration consultants.

To overcome the fierce competition. Choose the best immigration office consultant, such as Prominent Overseas. They are well-versed in application filing. Both employers and the immigration department have agreed to this.

You now understand the significance of hiring a professional immigration consultant. To assist you in your migration fantasies. You must be considering how to select them. There are a few critical elements. You should keep an eye out for. In a reputable immigration firm.

How Can You Find a Trustworthy Immigration Consultant to Help You Migrate to Canada? 

With the prevalence of fraudulent immigration services. You must exercise caution when selecting an immigration consultant. Yes, registration and licencing are essential. You should keep an eye out for. But what else is there? Here are four factors that influence an immigration consultant’s dependability:

Policy Transparency

You can evaluate the consultancy based on your initial conversation with them. Everything should be made clear by the consultant. Ask pertinent questions and sketch out potential strategic plans for you.

Furthermore, make certain that you understand all of the charges and steps. The consultant should make certain. There will be no last-minute changes. Or hidden provisions in the service. They should also be well-versed in changes in immigration policy.

A flawless track record

You should look for customer testimonials and reviews. Also, make certain that your immigration consultant has a proven track record of getting visa applications approved. Consultants with a high success rate typically have a better chance. Of having your application accepted.

The immigration process is both time-consuming and costly. As a result, you should only trust those who have a proven track record.

Authorization by the ICCRC

The ICCRC authorization is the primary check for a credible immigration consultant. Examine the registration number. Snd licence date to ensure they can fill out any potential application on your behalf.

If your consultant is not charging a fee. To avoid scams, you should still look for a registration number. The ICCRC representatives list contains a plethora of authorised immigration. This includes well-known companies such as Prominent Overseas.

Personalized Strategy

The immigration consultant must create a customised plan based on your specific situation. If they are working on pre-programmed programmes. It reduces the likelihood of your profile being chosen. They should apply their knowledge. Organize an experienced class. Use your knowledge to your advantage, and devise a strategy to maximise your chances. Of obtaining Canadian citizenship.

In recent years, maple leaf country has become one of the most welcoming places to migrate. The weather is consistently pleasant. Canada has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, as well as modern infrastructure. We will now reveal the best immigration consultant in India.

Who is India’s Best Canada Immigration Consultant?

Prominent Overseas Careers is a well-known name among immigration consultants in India. We specialise in assisting both students and job seekers. To move to Canada. Apply for Permanent Residency. Bring in their spouses as well.

A team of over 100 qualified and experienced experts contributes to Prominent being a reliable and trustworthy Canada PR consultancy. Aside from visas, Prominent also provides a variety of other immigration services. Such as resume creation, job search, and accommodation, among other things. To make your migration process easier and more comfortable.

Why should you choose Prominent Overseas?

Our exceptional track record of over 1500 successful candidate visas has earned us a spot among India’s top ten immigration consultants.

  • An authorised immigration agent is prominent.
  • Each client is assigned a Dedicated Case Officer.
  • We have Decades of Experience in Canada Public Relations.
  • We provide guided documentation from evaluation to Visa application.
  • We will highlight opportunities for you across global industries.
  • Our goal is to assist you in reaching your goals.

But don’t take our words at face value. Instead, you can check our official website for successful reviews as well as registration numbers. Once you’ve decided to move to Canada. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Because the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

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