United KingdomSeptember 26, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerCan a Dependent on a Student Visa Work in the UK in 2022?

Can a Dependent on a Student Visa Work in the UK in 2022?

Dependents can stay in the UK under the new UK PBS visa regulations (Points Based System). These include the major applicants’ partners or children. The UK government’s job regulations are stringent for main student visa holders. A student visa holder, on the other hand, can work in a variety of vocations. They must nevertheless adhere to certain guidelines.

Dependents can apply for a UK dependent visa on their own or in conjunction with the applicant. However, the principal candidate must be a full-time student enrolled in a postgraduate level study (RQF level 7 or higher) for at least 9 months, a new government-sponsored student, or a PhD extension scheme student.

Who Is a Dependent on a UK Student Visa?

International students are permitted to bring immediate family members to the UK while studying. To be specific, this includes the applicant’s kid or partner. They are referred to as dependents. They are subject to separate UK student visa restrictions.

Other relatives, such as brothers, parents, sisters, or other relatives, are not eligible to qualify as dependents.

Qualifications to Become a Dependent on a UK Student Visa

A person can become a UK student visa dependant if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are the applicant’s wife or husband.
  • The finance, same-sex partners, or unmarried partner is the partner. The applicant and his or her partner have been living together for at least two years.
  • The partner is a legally recognized civil partner.
  • They are over the age of 18.
  • They fulfill the financial criteria of the United Kingdom.
  • They would stay for as long as the applicant did.
  • Throughout the duration, the partner would reside with the candidate.
  • The spouse has no desire to live in the United Kingdom permanently.

Children to Become Dependents on UK Student Visas

A kid may become dependent on a UK student visa if:

  • He or she is under the age of 18.
  • First-time application for a student dependant visa in the United Kingdom.
  • Documents are ready to be shown in accordance with Student and Child Guidance guidelines.
  • Come with both parents and just one.
  • Individuals above the age of 18 must have separate documentation to remain as dependents.
  • I have no desire to live permanently in the United Kingdom.
  • Parents are financially liable for their children (specific to minors).
  • Do not have a full-time job (specific to minors).
  • Typically, they live with their parents (except for educational purposes).
  • Their emotional support comes from their parents.
  • They are unmarried and have no children of their own (specific to adults).

General rules for UK student visa dependent:

There are various requirements for acquiring a UK student visa dependent. These are family members of the original UK student visa holder. They are listed below.

  • The UK student visa holder has applied for a full-time post-graduate degree. The deadline is in nine months or more. The Register of Student Sponsors includes publicly-funded institutions, private providers, HEI, independent schools, etc.
  • A full-time course is awarded to the UK student visa holder by an international or government funding organization.
  • The dependant has immigration approval for a student dependent visa in the United Kingdom.
  • Housing, transportation, and reception must all be pre-arranged for a handicapped dependant. It is feasible with the assistance of UK authorities.
  • After obtaining student visa authorization, the initial UK student visa holder had a kid.
  • The dependant must apply at the same time as the applicant for the UK student visa.

NOTE: Under-18 UK student visa holders are not permitted to bring any dependents with them. It is exclusively available to UK college or university-level student visa holders.

  • They must follow to the visa restrictions of the United Kingdom in terms of length and work permanence.
  • They are not permitted to remain in the United Kingdom indefinitely. However, a UK student visa dependant may request a visa extension.

Children Born in the United Kingdom


Children born in the United Kingdom do not automatically acquire citizenship. They must have at least one parent with established status or British citizenship in the UK. However, the infant will not need a visa while in the UK unless the family travels outside of the country and wishes to return.

NOTE: If the kid is 3 months old and the family goes outside of Scotland before they acquire a visa, the principal student visa applicant may be charged for any NHS treatment taken in other areas of the UK.


The following are the rules for a UK student visa that is contingent on working in the UK:

  • The student visa holder is enrolled in a 9-month or longer post-graduate study with a “track record of compliance.” In that instance, their dependant may choose to work part-time in the UK.
  • A sponsorship agency has extended a full-time course invitation to the student visa holder. Only multinational or government organisations are eligible, and the course must be completed within six months.
  • Dependents of main student visa holders with permission to work for at least nine months can work. The principal visa holder must be enrolled in a full-time UK college degree programme or higher education.

Fields in which a UK Student Visa Dependent Can Work

  • Dependents of UK student visas are not restricted from working in specific areas. There are some points for dependents under this heading:
  • Dependents can look for work in any industry.
  • Those with specialised talents should focus on professions that require them. Many organisations hire personnel that are bilingual.

Work Fields That Are Inapplicable

A student visa holder in the United Kingdom is not permitted to work in the following occupations.

  1. Sports

The following are the rules:

  • They are not permitted to work as a ‘sports coach’ or as other ‘professional athletes.’
  • It applies to partner dependents who received visa approval on or after April 6, 2014.
  • It applies to child dependents who received visa approval on or after November 19, 2015.
  • It also applies to new applicants who are dependents of newly granted UK student visas.
  1. Medical profession

The following are the rules:


  • They are not permitted to work professionally as a dentist or doctor in training.
  • It is applicable to previous Tier 4 partner dependents that were granted visas on October 5, 2020.
  • It also applies to newer dependents of students with UK student visas.
  • The Immigration Rules provide various exclusions under paragraph 319D(b) (iii).

The following UK study visa dependents are exempt:

  • Those with a prior degree course in dentistry or medicine from British universities formerly held a UK visa that allowed them to practise their profession.
  1. Work Time Duration

A UK student visa dependant can only stay in the UK with the primary visa holder. They must travel back to their native nation with the principal visa holder. As a result, they can only work while in the UK. The period might be 6 months or more.

How Does a UK Student Visa Recipient Find Work in the UK?

The following are the options for obtaining a UK student visa based on employment in the UK.

  • Some firms may refuse to hire UK student visa dependents. As a result, one should apply to many places.
  • There are several job vacancies available online.
  • Some employers additionally state whether or not they accept UK student visa dependents. It is critical to properly read the provided material.
  • It is critical to state upfront whether you are a UK student visa dependant.


When Should You Apply for a Dependent Visa in the United Kingdom?

Dependents on a student visa should apply for a UK visa either concurrently with the principal student or after the student visa has been granted. Dependents residing outside the United Kingdom can apply up to 6 months before the programme begins.

Primary students who want to extend or switch their student visa in the UK should apply for their dependents at the same time or wait until their application is accepted. In any event, they should file the application before the existing visa expires.


Dependents having the following visa status in the UK must file their application within the UK.

  • Typical Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa (Short-Term)
  • Student Visa for a Parent of a Child
  • Visa for Seasonal Workers
  • Domestic Workers in Private Households Are Exempt from Immigration Rules

Dependents with immigration authorization in any of the aforementioned categories or on immigration bail must leave the UK and apply from their native country.


  • A valid passport or other travel paperwork
  • Spouse’s marriage certificate
  • Children’s birth certificates
  • Account statements
  • Evidence of a connection to the primary applicant
  • Tuberculosis test results (if applicable)
  • The outcome of a criminal record check (if applicable)

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list.

Documentation is strictly enforced by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) officials. As a result, be precise and satisfy the standards. Failure to give may result in your application being rejected.

Documents that are not in English or Welsh should be translated by a professional translation. Furthermore, UKVI can conduct validity checks. Any irregularities discovered can be seen as deceit. It may also result in a 10-year prohibition on the applicant receiving future entrance clearance to the UK.


The Benefits of a PBS Dependent Visa

The PBS dependant with leave to enter or stay will be able to perform the following.

  • Work in the UK full-time or part-time
  • Full-time or part-time university studies
  • Leave and return to the UK within the validity period
  • Apply for a visa extension
  • Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR)