Settle in CanadaStudy in CanadaVisit CanadaJuly 4, 2023by sai ram dowluriCanada announces new investments in settlement services for immigrants


On May 11th, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) made a significant funding announcement, allocating a staggering $65.7 million to service provider organizations across Canada. This substantial investment showcases the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting newcomers and strengthening settlement services.

The funding extension encompasses various crucial aspects of settlement services. Over $37 million is allocated to pre-arrival services, which play a pivotal role in assisting newcomers before their arrival in Canada. An additional $15 million is directed towards services specifically designed for racialized newcomer women, recognizing the unique challenges they face and the importance of tailored support. Furthermore, over $13 million is designated for language training programs for newcomers in Francophone minority communities, underscoring Canada’s commitment to linguistic diversity and inclusivity.

The announcement emphasized the pivotal role that settlement services play in empowering newcomers to succeed in Canada. By providing vital information and support, these services enable newcomers to make informed decisions about their new lives in Canada, ensuring a smoother transition and integration process.

During the announcement, Parliamentary Secretary to the Immigration Minister Marie-France Lalonde highlighted the critical nature of providing services to newcomers before their arrival. This proactive approach significantly contributes to their successful integration into Canadian society. The substantial investment reflects the government’s determination to support newcomers not only within Canada but also globally, underscoring Canada’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive nation.

A comprehensive study conducted by IRCC in 2021 further substantiated the impact of settlement services on newcomer outcomes. The study revealed that an overwhelming 95% of newcomers who received settlement services found them to be instrumental in their settlement journey. This statistic solidifies the effectiveness and value of these services in facilitating successful integration and improving newcomer experiences.

Moreover, the study shed light on the positive influence of employment services on newcomers’ preparation for the Canadian labor market. An impressive 78% of individuals who received employment services reported that it helped them acquire essential skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to navigate and succeed in the Canadian job market.

To further exemplify the significance of settlement services, IRCC allocated a substantial portion of the funding, over $1.2 million, to the YMCA of the National Capital Region. This investment enables the YMCA to continue providing vital pre-arrival services to newcomers, ensuring a smoother transition and integration into Canadian society. The YMCA’s specialized information and orientation programs focus on skilled trades, engineering, and construction sectors, further supporting newcomers in their journey.

The YMCA offers a wide range of services both online and in person, making them accessible to newcomers. Through pre-arrival service providers, new immigrants can access resources and support before their arrival in Canada, such as Canadian workplace information, employment counseling, and soft skills development. These services significantly enhance newcomers’ readiness to integrate into the Canadian job market and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Settlement services in Canada are comprehensive and multifaceted, covering various areas of support. The funding enables the provision of services such as assistance with daily life, job search support, preparation for the citizenship test, language training and assessments, job-specific language training, and specialized services for refugees, women, and other groups. Additionally, mentorship programs for newcomers provide invaluable guidance and support throughout their settlement journey.

To facilitate newcomers in accessing the services they require, IRCC has developed Compass to Connect, a user-friendly tool that allows filtered searches by postal code. The tool identifies and provides information on the nearest available settlement services. Furthermore, it highlights specific programs tailored to the needs of women, seniors, youth, and 2SLGBTQi+ individuals, ensuring inclusivity and targeted support.

Compass to Connect, an IRCC-funded website, serves as a comprehensive resource providing easy-to-use directories of settlement services. Additionally, settlement counseling and referrals are available