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cropped-AdobeStock_260922744-scaled-1.jpegAre you concerned about the reforms and the labour force requirements? Then read the article below to learn about the concerns and efforts made by the Canadian government to address the labour shortage.

Canada is one of the fastest developing countries, with several career prospects for international immigrants. However, according to the most recent modifications and updates, Canada’s economic expansion is being hampered by an ageing labour force. As a result, it intends to address its labour shortfall by accepting talented overseas employees.

CFIB recognizes a change and a need: The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) provides specialised business sources and services to help Canadian businesses develop. Ted Mallett, the CFIB’s chief executive officer, discovered that the country’s commercial development was jeopardised by a labour deficit and an ageing labour force. This became a problem once the rate of job openings increased from 2.9% to 3.3%. As a result, it was widely assumed that immigration was the only viable solution to this problem.

The CFIB first noticed this situation in 2008, and it has since become a source of worry for Canadian government entities. As a result, the Canadian government sees immigration as a critical step in resolving its labour issue.

What improvements have been done to increase immigration to Canada?

The amount of immigration applications authorised for parents and grandparents’ sponsorship has increased, from 5,000 to 10,000 visas each year.
With the introduction of the New Multi-Year Immigration Plan, millions of overseas skilled applicants for Permanent Residency were sought.
The time credit for international Canadian students seeking for Canadian Permanent Residency has changed.
Refugee and asylum seekers now have free access to healthcare.
For applicants with siblings in Canada, the number of points available during the Canada Express Entry application has increased.
Quebec immigration has implemented a new mechanism to ensure that its immigrants have a smooth transition.
The Canadian government is swiftly changing its immigration procedure in order to attract more qualified workers. As a result, if you want to be a skilled worker in Canada, you should complete your Canadian immigration with the help of qualified Canada visa specialists.

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