CanadaExpress EntryInvitation to ApplySettle in CanadaStudy in CanadaMarch 26, 2019by Prominent OverseasCanada: Most preferred Country to settle for International Students

Canada is successfully attracting its international students to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Students from foreign countries are feeling Canada as the main destination for their education and careers abroad. The immigration system, the educational system and the economic state all contribute to attracting qualified workers and qualified students for permanent residence.

According to the statistics, international students who have changed their status from international students to Canadian Permanent Residence have greatly increased in a fast time. According to federal government figures for 9,410 students with study permits have been transformed into permanent residents in 2017. Likewise, the Canadian government is also in favor of candidates with Canadian education to become Permanent Residents through Canada Express Entry.

During a draw of express entry in 2017, 36% of the ITAs or invitations to apply were sent to candidates with an educational background from Canada. By converting the percentage to number, 30,600 alumni from Canada from several countries received an ITA. Although an ITA does not guarantee having Permanent Residence in Canada, it can even be a good impact for Canada if at least half of the number receives the opportunity to remain as Canadian Permanent Residence.

Canada has been moving forward in its immigration process to support candidates who want immigration to Canada. From student visas to Canadian citizenship; the number of people requesting has increased rapidly. In 2017, candidates with a level of education lower than a postgraduate level constituted 494,525 international students. Each year, almost an amount of $ 15 billion is received in the economy of Canada with funds provided by International Students.

Canada and the United States are the Countries most selected by students and international workers. But after the introduction of the Donald Trump Administration, international students face many difficulties and, as a result, the opinion was reduced to elect the United States for education abroad. The number of candidates who chose higher education in the United States fell from 840,160 in 2016 to 808,640 in 2017, that is, with a drop of 4%.

While the United States observes the deployments, Canada, with its simplified immigration system and its benefits, is making international students look to Canada for permanent residence.

What makes Canada attractive to foreign students?

There are several benefits that they recognize for students who prefer Canada as their future.

  • International students with Student Direct Stream can access for fast processing
  • Candidates can experience the right to work while continuing their education
  • Candidates can work for more than three years applying for the Graduate Work Permit after completing their education
  • Canadian graduates may have the best chance of being selected through the Express Entry
  • Opportunities to be selected through the PNP, since the international students of the province are mainly objective
  • Candidates with a citizenship plan can add a part of their study leave time to their Canadian citizenship

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