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With its strong economy, Canada attracts a growing number of immigrants each year. Permanent residence is the most successful status, granting the possessor several benefits. This has also piqued the attention of many competent people in applying for Permanent Residency in Canada. But did you know that there are times when a qualified applicant is even rejected? This is because to incorrect or fake application submission.

What are Canada PR immigration programmes?

There are various immigration programmes for permanent status in Canada. The Express Entry System is home to the most important initiatives for Canadian PR. Express Entry is a point-based electronic platform. It is the home of three government initiatives for Canada PR.

The following economic immigration schemes might help you gain permanent residency in Canada:

  • Program for Federal Skilled Workers (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Training Program (FSTP)
  • Class for Canadian Experience (CEC)
  • Programs for Provincial Nominees (PNP)
  • Skilled Worker Program in Quebec (QSWP)
  • Family Sponsorship Program

Are the immigration programmes interchangeable?

The immigration programmes are not interchangeable. Each programme has various application program and processing procedures and criteria. Among all stages of immigration, paperwork is the most important, since an applicant might make mistakes in providing essential papers.

Documentation is a crucial part of the immigration process. Any error made at this point might stymie the immigration process.

What are the pitfalls to avoid throughout the Canada Permanent Residency process?

The following errors must be avoided throughout the Canada Permanent Residency process:

  • Avoid incorrect signature submissions, which might jeopardise your application.
  • Incorrect fee payment for the selected programme might possibly have an adverse effect on your application.
  • Uploading images with incorrect dimensions is not permitted. Always follow the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada requirements (IRCC).
  • Carry any documentation necessary to support your immigration application. Any delay in submitting paperwork might complicate your immigration procedure.
  • Handwritten applications should be avoided. Because Adobe Reader is the programme that is utilised to read apps. Illegibly worded submissions might cause problems with your application.
  • Applications must be accompanied by a good cover letter. Missing a cover letter on a form might cause issues later in the process.

There are several more factors that might lead to the application’s rejection. However, following the immigration procedure under the supervision of an immigration specialist might reduce the likelihood of making a mistake.

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