CanadaSeptember 5, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerCanadian Immigration: 5 Facts You Should Know

Canadian Immigration: 5 Facts You Should Know

When you decide to move to Canada, you should conduct extensive study and attempt to learn everything you can about the immigration procedure. Given this, we’d like to highlight some facts concerning Canadian immigration that will help you learn more about the procedure and related issues.

Fact No. 1: There is no fixed cut off score for ITA in Canada Express Entry.
Canada express entrance is carried by by Canada Express entry drawings are held on a regular basis to select which candidates will get invitations. While many people believe that the cut-off score for getting an ITA is uniform and constant, CIC determines a cut-off score for each Express Entry draw. When Express Entry held its inaugural draw, the cut-off score might reach 886 points. Reforms in acquiring a PR lowered the cut-off score close to 470, which ultimately benefited candidates hoping for a PR in Canada.

Fact No. 2: Studying in Canada can assist you in obtaining a PR.
There are several advantages to studying in Canada. While studying in Canada, an individual can apply for a work visa that allows them to work part-time. Furthermore, Canadian education and professional experience provide a solid foundation for applying for Canadian Permanent Residency / Canadian immigration

Fact No. 3: You do not need to have a work offer to move to Canada.
If you wish to relocate to Canada, having a work offer would boost your chances of a faster immigration procedure; nevertheless, having a job offer prior to applying is not required. It is crucial to notice that if you have a job offer, it should be serious. This is due to the Canadian service performing a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in order to authenticate the employment offer. As a result, unless you have a solid employment offer, it will have no bearing on your application.

Fact 4: Volunteer labor does not count.
Work experience is considered in the Canada Express Entry programs when determining your eligibility to enter Canada. You must have job experience within the last ten years to be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker program. It is vital to highlight that job experience that qualifies for paid employment will be taken into account. If you have worked for any type of social service or unpaid service, such job experience will not be considered for awarding points.

Fact 5: Certain relatives can boost your Canada immigration application.
If an applicant has a Canadian connection, such as relatives or family members in Canada, he can claim points for it through a variety of programmes under the Canada Express Entry system. However, not all of his relatives can assist him in this endeavor. Only relatives residing in Canada, such as parents, grandparents, siblings, niece/nephew, aunt or uncle, son or daughter, or grandkids, can help you earn extra points for a Canadian link. Close friends or cousins are not eligible to receive bonus points.