CanadaCanadian CitizenshipCanadian Experience ClassExpress EntryJuly 1, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerCivil Engineers will be in high demand in Canada in 2022.

Canada is in need of civil engineers. Cities and isolated settlements in Canada are continually being upgraded. With a rising economy, Canada’s demand for civil engineers has never been stronger.

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, with a great demand for experienced engineers. It provides skilled foreign nationals with some of the highest-paying employment in the world. This article focuses on the need for Civil Engineers in Canada. Continue reading.


The Role of Civil Engineers in Canada

Every year, thousands of international engineers move to Canada. About 12% of licenced engineers are from India. They operate in a variety of industries, including civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and manufacturing.

Engineers Canada conducted a labour market research that revealed strong demand for more engineers, notably those in the civil industry.

As Canada seeks to build its infrastructure, there is a scarcity of civil engineers. Many public and private sector initiatives require more civil engineers. This is for the construction of coastal installations, structural steel fabrications, and fast transit infrastructure. Also in other building projects.

Alberta and British Columbia, in particular, require experienced civil engineers. According to estimates, hundreds more civil engineering positions will need to be filled soon.

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Civil Engineer Job Titles in Canada

There are various titles under which civil engineers can find work in Canada. They fall under the various NOC categories.


Job Titles Under NOC Categories for Civil Engineers
Civil Engineer Geomatics Engineer Transportation Engineer
Hydraulics Engineer Surveying Engineer Geodetic Engineer
Construction Projects Engineer Environmental Engineer Highway Engineer
Public Works Engineer Traffic Engineer Water Management Engineer
Municipal Engineer Construction Engineer Bridge Engineer
Sanitation Engineer   Structural Engineer
Pathways for Civil Engineers to Come to Canada
  • For civil engineers, there are two primary ways to move to Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs under the Express Entry System
  • Both of these streams somewhat overlap. Candidates for Express Entry can also apply through Provincial Nominee Programs.


1. Rapid Entry System

Express Entry is a fast-track method that allows you to immigrate to Canada in 8 to 12 months. The program supports the following three categories.


Program for Federal Skilled Workers (FSWP)

Canadian Experience Class in the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) (CEC)

  • The majority of engineering graduates are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Candidates who desire to apply must first build an online profile. It should assess education, credentials, experience, and other variables.
  • Based on specific characteristics, all candidates are assigned a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. Candidates are weighed against one another. This procedure takes around two weeks to complete.
CRS Points Allocation Criteria
Age CLB Language Skills (English & French)
Level of Education (In & Outside Canada) Work Experience (In & Outside Canada)
Arranged Employment Provincial Nomination Achieved
Siblings Living in Canada as Permanent Residents / Citizens Spouse’s Profile

(If Married)

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  1. Provincial Nominee Programs

There are several streams for civil engineers within the provinces and territories of Canada where they can apply. Interested candidates can check out the provinces/territories in-demand occupations list.

The National Occupation Code for civil engineers is 2132.


PNP Streams Open to Civil Engineering

Province Programs for Civil Engineers Average Salary PA


Alberta Opportunity Stream

NOC 0211 – Engineering Managers

NOC 2131 – Civil Engineers

NOC 2231 – Civil Engineering Technicians

Alberta Express Entry Stream




British Columbia

BC PNP Tech Pilot Program

NOC 2131 – Civil Engineers

Express Entry British Columbia





Ontario Express Entry

Human Capital Priorities Stream

In-Demand Skills Stream





Skilled Workers in Manitoba

NOC 0211 – Engineering Managers

NOC 2131 – Civil Engineers



New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

Skilled Workers with Employer Support



& Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker

Skilled Worker Category




Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

NOC 2131 – Civil Engineers

Nova Scotia Express Entry Labour Market Priorities

Skilled Worker Stream

(Skilled Workers Pathway)




Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Express Entry Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

Critical Impact Worker Stream





International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

International Skilled Worker:

Occupations In-Demand

International Skilled Worker:

Saskatchewan Express Entry




Prince Edward Island

PEI PNP Express Entry

Skilled Worker Stream

Critical Worker Stream





Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

Skilled Worker

Critical Impact Worker




Civil Engineer Qualifications Required in Canada

To come to Canada as a civil engineer, candidates must meet the following requirements.

  • Civil engineering bachelor’s degree
  • A master’s or doctoral degree in a relevant engineering subject
  • Licensing by a provincial or territorial professional engineering association

Canadian engineers are eligible for registration. It follows graduation from a recognised educational institution. To become a licenced engineer, you must also have three or four years of job experience.


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Making a Career in Civil Engineering in Canada

Civil engineering courses in Canada are completed over the course of four years as an undergraduate curriculum. You will study surveying, mapping, and sketching techniques. Material properties and environmental science

After that, you might work as an Engineer in Training (EIT) for many years. After completing your undergraduate degree. You will be recognised as an engineering professional.

Civil engineering degrees are available at some of the greatest colleges. See the table below for further information.


The Top 10 Civil Engineering Universities in Canada
University Name Features

University of Waterloo

·         A public research university located in the province of Ontario

·         Most extensive civil engineering program in Canada

·         Teaching design infrastructure elements like bridges, highways & dams

·         Offers students $17,800 per co-op term to help pay tuition fees

·         Access to the high-tech simulation lab


University of Toronto

·         A public research university located in downtown Toronto

·         Offers a variety of undergraduate & research programs

·         More opportunities for study & hands-on-research

·         Learn structural engineering, transportation planning & geomechanics

·         Students need a score of 70% in relative fields for admission


McGill University

·         A public university located in Montreal

·         Great place to learn structural engineering, environmental engineering, fluid mechanics & soil mechanics

·         Specializations – water resources engineering, transportation engineering & environmental engineering

·         An interdisciplinary set of skills & knowledge

·         Allows you to combine complementary courses with engineering


University of British Columbia

·         Public research university located in Vancouver

·         Candidates have to complete one year of general engineering for admission

·         Choose between various supplementary programs

·         Co-op programs provide relevant paid work experience

·         Can opt for a dual degree in Arts & Engineering

·         Encourages Student Exchange programs


University of Alberta

·         Public research university located in Edmonton

·         Home to several faculties, including civil engineering

·         State of the art research equipment attracting 900 undergraduates. And 500 civil engineering graduate students

·         Admissions open after 2nd year of engineering studies

·         The choice between a traditional 4-year degree program & a 5-year co-operative education program

·         Work in the industry for 18 months


Dalhousie University

·         Public research university located in Halifax in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia

·         Home to 300 undergraduate & 70 civil engineering graduate students

·         MEng, MASc, & Ph.D. degrees

·         Common 1st year engineering required for admissions

·         A choice between infrastructure, earth or environment options

·         Choose from a 4-year traditional degree or 5-year co-op program


Concordia University of Montreal

·         University in Montreal, Quebec province

·         Offering traditional 4-year civil engineering degree

·         Specialize in 3 different options after the third year

·         Civil Infrastructure, Environmental, & Construction engineering

·         Admissions based on select high-school courses

·         The grade-point needed is 2.7

·         The co-operative option is also available


Western University

·         Public research university in London, Ontario province

·         Excellent international level academic & research programs

·         Fourth-year design project compulsory for students

·         Students receive mentorship of professional consulting engineers. And other faculty of advisors during major civil projects

·         Structural, Environmental & dual engineering degrees options

·         Can specialize in law & civil engineering as well


University of Calgary

·         Public research university located in Calgary, Alberta province

·         The course is part of Schulich School of Engineering

·         Offers Structural, Transportation, Entrepreneurship, & Management Engineering

·         Students first apply to Schulich School of Engineering. And complete common first-year engineering course

·         Admission based on first-year grades

·         Very competitive admission process


Queen’s University

·         Public research university located in Kingston, Ontario province

·         Civil Engineering course gives a strong foundational knowledge

·         Emphasis on sustainability for natural & built environments

·         Home to many high-tech research facilities like Kennedy Field Station & Coastal Engineering Laboratory

·         Small class sizes compared to other engineering facilities

·         Extra job openings available to students to find employment


Other Important Frequently Asked Questions


Which Canadian province is the best for civil engineers?

Saskatchewan is noted for its civic works and as an agri-hub. Job seekers in civil engineering can also immigrate to the provinces of British Columbia. And to Quebec, where there are several expansion ambitions.

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What are the most sought-after engineering positions in Canada?

Here is a list of some of the most in-demand engineering careers in Canada.

  • Engineers in electrical engineering
  • Engineers in mechanical engineering
  • Software developers
  • Engineers in civil engineering
  • Engineers in biomedicine
  • Petrochemical engineers


What role do civil engineers play in construction projects?

Civil engineers can profit in a variety of ways. Starting with engineering drawings and ending with construction specifications. They can direct oversee technicians during structural inspections and other tasks.




If they have an eligible employment offer, foreign civil engineers can go to Canada as temporary engineers. They can apply for permanent residency after working in Canada for five years.

There are several chances for civil engineers who wish to relocate to Canada. Even recent civil engineering graduates with little work experience can find suitable positions. This industry’s entry-level pay are among the highest in Canada.

So, if you are seeking for a job as a civil engineer in Canada or if you want to study in Canada, our visa specialists can assist you. Speak with us to discover more about the many options to come to Canada, how to pick the best visa type, and how to further your career in Canada.