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Have you ever seen London’s Tower Bridge? Yes, the famous London Bridge from the poem. The United Kingdom is a tourist’s dream.

The United Kingdom is a fantastic country to visit, work, do business, or study. Whatever your motive for travelling, the stunningly magnificent English countryside will not disappoint.

So, if you’re considering a trip to the United Kingdom, here’s what you should know. Continue reading.


What exactly is a UK Tourist Visa?

The UK tourist visa, also known as the Standard Tourist Visa, is intended for people who want to visit the nation for a short amount of time, up to six months, for vacation, to see family or friends, or to attend a business conference.

Tourist Visas in the United Kingdom

The basic UK Visitor Visa has superseded nine major types, which are as follows:

  • General Visitor Visa for Family Visitors
  • Visa for Minors
  • Sports visitors, business visitors, professors, physicians, and dentists are all eligible for visas.
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visa Entertainer Visitor Visa
  • Visitor Visa for Private Medical Treatment


Criteria for Obtaining a UK Tourist Visa from India

The following steps must be taken in order to be eligible for the country’s most popular visa:

  • The applicant plans to depart the country before his or her visa expires and should be able to support themselves without relying on public assistance for the duration of their trip.
  • Under the entire list of visa Rules, the applicant is allowed to demonstrate his/her actions and that they aim to assure inside the country’s territory.
  • The candidate must have no criminal history.
  • The candidate must be in excellent health and have a decent character.

Documents Required for an Indian Tourist Visa to the United Kingdom

The UK tourist visa is not straightforward to get; there is a large list of needed papers.

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Examine the following list:
  • Passport must be valid.
  • Any previous passports, if any
  • The most recent photograph
  • Bank statements cover letter
  • 16th Income Tax Form
  • Salary statements
  • Letter of Resignation
  • Letter of leave from your university/college/school/employee


If you are a minor, you must:

One of the parents must provide a notarized NOC signed by the other parent, together with both parents’ ID evidence and copies of their Indian passports.


How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to the United Kingdom from India

Simply follow these procedures to apply for a tourist visa to the United Kingdom:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the United Kingdom High Commission in India.

Step 2: To schedule an appointment, download the tourist visa application.

Step 3: Fill out and submit your Visa application.

Step 4: Provide your biometrics.

Step 5: Wait for the Embassy’s Acknowledgement

Step 6: Receive the status of your tourist visa application within three weeks after submission.

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How much does a UK Tourist Visa from India cost?

There is a charge connected with each form of UK Visitor Visa application. The pricing structure of each is shown below to help you manage your funds accordingly:

Typical Visitor

Type of Visa Fee (INR)
Short-term (single/multiple entry, for a maximum of 6 months) 8,337
Long-term (for a maximum of 2 years) 30,218
Long-term (for a maximum of 5 years) 54,877
Long-term (for a maximum of 10 years) 68,776


Business Trip Visa
Type of Visa Fee (INR)
Business visitor – clinical attachments, PLAB/OSCE test, and dental observation 8,339
Business visitor – dependant and academic visitor ( for a maximum of 12 months) 16,051
Permitted paid engagement 7,981
Diplomatic courier 7,981
Prospective entrepreneur 7,981


Civil or Marriage Partnership
Type of Visa Fee (INR)
Civil or marriage partnership 7,981


Special Visitor

Type of Visa Fee (INR)
Parent of his/her child at a school (for a maximum of 12 months) 44,476


Special Visitor – Child Visitor
Type of Visa Fee (INR)
Short-term (single/multiple entry, for a maximum of 6 months) 7,981
Long-term (for a maximum of 2 years) 30,218
Long-term (for a maximum of 5 years) 54,877
Long-term (for a maximum of 10 years) 68,776


How long does it take to get a UK tourist visa from India?

If all supporting papers are presented correctly, the visa will be processed in no more than 15 days.

Other Important Frequently Asked Questions


When should I apply for a visit visa to the United Kingdom or a tourist visa from India?

Ideally, the applicant should submit his or her UK visit visa or tourist visa application at least three months before the date of trip.

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What may be the cause for a tourist visa application being denied in India?

Your visa application may be denied if one of the following conditions is met:

  • If a fraudulent representation was made, or if false information or documents were presented.
  • If you fail to provide needed adequate ID proofs, paperwork, financial evidences, and so on.
  • If you have violated the laws and regulations governing travel visas,
  • Has a criminal record or is in poor health
  • You have previously been deported or are awaiting a decision to be deported.


Is it safe to seek the assistance of visa agents?

The United Kingdom has frequently been chastised for its stringent visa regulations. As a result, visa applicants should not put their UK aspirations at danger and should file their Tourist Immigration application with the assistance of an expert visa consultant.

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How do I demonstrate my financial stability to the authorities in charge?

You will be required to give copies of your bank statements from the past three months as part of the paperwork. They will accurately represent your financial situation.


Who is required to sign for a child visiting the United Kingdom?

To finish the application procedure, the parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the child.



To lure visitors, the UK has prolonged its domestic season into October. Visit the UK’s historic sites, complex artworks, and stunning landscapes. You will undoubtedly have a strong desire to return to the United Kingdom.


The following documents are required for a UK Tourist Visa:

  • Passport Photographs (Passport Size)
  • Account Statements
  • Statement of Travel History
  • Certificate of Police Clearance Medical Certificate


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