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  • Switzerland is ranked as one of the safest nations in Europe to visit this year.
  • Spain is a popular location for immigrants and those wishing to visit the country.
  • These rankings are based on crime rates, pollution levels, and healthcare issues.


According to recent Forbes research…

According to a recent Forbes analysis, European Union countries will provide the safest travel environments in 2022.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in Europe to visit this summer. The research study included indicators such as healthcare quality, bathing waters, pollution levels, crime rates, and the rate of thefts and homicides before arriving at a final ‘safety score.’

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Score on the Forbes Advisor Ranking

The table below illustrates the Forbes Advisor ranking for travel, as well as their ‘Safe Score.’

Switzerland 88.3
Slovenia 82.3
Portugal 82.1
Austria 81.4
Germany 81.2
Spain 78.8
Czech Republic 76.6





Switzerland is regarded one of the top-ranking nations on the Forbes List, out of 29 European nations.

  • The finest healthcare system has a quality rating of 893/1000.
  • 93 percent of bathing waters are of excellent quality.
  • The diameter of Air measured by IQAir is 2.5 micrometres.
  • Lowest homicides and crime rates.
  • It has fantastic food and vibrant local cultures.



Slovenia is ranked second on the Forbes list, with a score of 82.3.

  • The average pollution level is 13.3 PM2.5.
  • Healthcare quality is 678/1000.
  • The swimming water is 85 percent pure.
  • Low homicide rate and appealing swimming locations

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Portugal is ranked third best, with a safe score of 82.1.

  • The lowest level of air pollution is 7.1 PM2.5.
  • 93 percent excellent water quality
  • Best Medical Care (After Germany)



Austria is rated as the fourth safest country to visit this year, with a score of 81.4.

It has a high percentage of bathing water (98%) and a good quality of health care (799).

The homicide rate is modest, at 8.2 per million populations.



Germany is ranked sixth, with a score of 81.2.

  • The country boasts good bath water, with a percentage of 93 percent (safe for tourists, especially swimmers).
  • With 10.6 PM2.5, it ranks third in air quality.
  • The low number of killings per million people is 6.9.


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Spain is regarded as one of the most popular locations for most immigrants and those wishing to visit the country. This is due to its good quality of life, excellent health care system, and inexpensive cost of living.

Security is an important consideration for people when deciding where to spend their vacation. At the same time, modest discrepancies exist across Europe in terms of assessing things such as bathing water quality or levels of theft.