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I booked an IELTS test schedule but did not have enough time to prepare. Don’t be concerned. This post can assist you in scoring well in IELTS within a month.

It would help if you were more organised so you could finish this in less time.

IELTS is an English proficiency test that is accepted by many colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many other countries. This exam allows you to relocate to any English-speaking country. It requires your important time and commitment.

It is intended to assess your speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities.

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ELTS Exam and its Aspects:
IELTS Section Time for each section
Reading 60 min
Writing 60 min
Speaking 15 min
Listening 30 min


The following are some strategies for achieving a 7+ band on the IELTS:
  • Understanding the IELTS Structure and Format: Understanding the IELTS Test format is critical for attempting and scoring well on the exam. It consists of four components: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Only you can attempt questioning if you practise mock tests and comprehend the questioning pattern.

     Expert Tip: Give each section at least two days and prepare fake tests on each.

  • Writing Skills vs. Reading Skills: These are two separate modules. Reading and listening are considered cognitive skills but writing and speaking are considered production skills. Mastering these abilities can lead to success. Give each skill at least one hour.

      Expert Tip Listening to BBC news, interviews, commercials, and movies will help you get more familiar with          tones and accents.

  • Identifying your Strengths and Shortcomings: Before diving into preparations, it is critical to assess our strengths and weaknesses. According to the IELTS edge, most students want expert assistance to improve their writing and speaking skills.

        Expert Tip: Learning at least fifteen to twenty new concepts per day and practising them will help us assess            our strengths and limitations. Aim for at least two practise examinations per day to improve your IELTS band            score.

  • Practice and Feedback: Once you understand the IELTS way of test and have learned each section. Now learn and relearn the IELTS style of questions and practise these mock tests repeatedly. This will result in optimum utilisation of the time given to write the examination.

On top of that, practising is not enough, so always look for feedback. Analyse and assess what went wrong and       change your approach to know your difficulty.

     Expert Tip: As you will not have time to read every word, so always concentrate on practising reading                        passages  and scanning keywords to optimise time management

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  • Enrol in a Training course online: IELTS does not just interpret your production and comprehension skills but also tests your stamina and longevity. Try the mock test that the trainer suggests, and they will evaluate your answers and provide feedback on where you need to improve and relearn the skills. It is always recommended to enrol in any IELTS coaching online.

      Expert Tip: prepare your timetable for one month to cover all the topics and mock tests. Give at least 4 hours          per day to practise and one hour for each section every day.

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