CanadaFederal Skilled WorkersUncategorizedOctober 6, 2020by Prominent OverseasFacts about Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada is definitely one of the most desired immigration countries in the world, and it is not shocking that Canada annually accepts nearly 300,000 new immigrants every year into its borders.

Canada has been named the best country in the world by millennia in a recent survey by PRNewswire-USNewswire.

The crime rate in Canada is among the lowest around the world,  which also contributes significantly to the high quality of life of the population. Since the right to access education and healthcare is a fundamental human right, Canada has made such facilities open to all legal residents. Canada ranks 11th among the wealthiest countries as well.

Canada is under the 10% employment mark and  58,900 jobs have been generated in Canada every month.

In a country like Canada, with many sources of immigration directly dedicated to immigrants for jobs, there is a great opportunity to obtain employment and to learn new skills.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

The Canada (FSW) Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canada is identified as a ‘PR visa’ for people whointerprets the immigration requirements of Canada.  It is a five-year visa for international professional employees, which allows them to work and live in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Visa is a permanent resident given to eligible professionals. The applicant has to meet the eligibility requirements based on points to receive this visa. Age, schooling, job experience, language skill, and so on are allocated to the scores.

Benefits of a Federal Skilled Worker visa:

The advantages of Canadian PR are: 

  • You can work, live and study in any part of the world
  • You are eligible for family health and social services
  • Have the liberty to carry the spouse/children/dependents to Canada
  • Apply for citizenship after 3 years as a PR.
  • Provide free education to dependent children.
  • Be eligible for savings and retirement programs.

Eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled Worker:

  • You need to score at least 67 points in the Points Calculator.
  • Be expert in either French or English or both, which tests are carried out
  • Have experience in one of the occupations listed in your country
  • Show fund evidence.
  • Have good health.
  • Without a criminal record, be accredited regarding good character.

Steps to apply for Federal Skilled Worker:

To acquire an FSW visa, the step-by-step process is: 

  • Check your eligibility (67 points) using the Calculator for Canada Immigration Points
  • Credential Evaluation of Full Education (ECA).
  • Build an Express
  • Entry Pool profile.
  • If you score good CRS points, you will receive the “Invitation to Apply (ITA)” notice from Canada’s immigration department.
  • Pay visa fees and apply within 60 days for PR
  • Submit certificates of health and behaviour (when asked)
  • Wait 4-6 months and get approved for your visa.
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