Express EntryJune 1, 2022by prominent.contentHow can an Indian acquire a job in New Zealand?

Many Indians are interested in numerous Jobs in New Zealand for Indians and in obtaining Permanent Residency. You can select from a variety of career opportunities in New Zealand that are offered on numerous job boards. To work in New Zealand, you must have legal employment permission. This necessitates having New Zealand Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or a Work Visa.

To obtain a New Zealand Work Visa, you must look for acceptable career opportunities in New Zealand. Companies in New Zealand that are unable to locate qualified candidates locally must be priority.

There is a list of accredited employers in New Zealand. If you have a skill that they require, you may be offered a full-time position. This indicates you are eligible for the Accredited Employer Talent Work Visa.

Here are various job boards where you can seek for job openings in New Zealand from reputable employers:


You must complete and keep your profile up to date. Each position requires a unique cover letter in addition to a CV.

The job description is crucial. You must explain in your cover letter and CV why you are the best candidate for the job, including your previous experience and qualifications. While working on the job application, your thought process should be comparable to that of a Hiring Manager.

Jobs on Trade Me

This job site focuses not just on job openings but can also provide you with good opportunities if you are a regular follower.

co Angel

This portal is open to international individuals who have the necessary abilities and are looking for an appropriate platform for start-up employment openings.


It provides data in a simple style and includes easy job search options, with cumulative job vacancies from across key recruiting agencies, job boards, and career sites in New Zealand.

New Kiwis

This is a wonderful place to start looking for work.

Have the proper strategy and a well-defined plan of action.

You must visit job search sites on a regular basis and apply to appropriate job openings with a Cover Letter and CV. You should also be prepared for refusals because you will not have a PR or work visa.

Completing the process on the employment sites takes at least 2 to 3 hours. If there are many job positions, you must shortlist them and work on them individually based on the application deadline.


Applying on numerous job sites can provide you insight into the abilities that businesses in New Zealand are looking for. Many job postings include the contact information for the Hiring Manager or Recruiter. Act wisely and contact them via e-mail or phone call if their phone number is published.

On the call, you must introduce yourself and emphasise why you are the ideal applicant for the job. The length of the call must be considered because you are taking time out of their schedule, so being brief is crucial. It will give a positive image of your personality and raise the likelihood that your application will be reviewed.

When looking for career prospects in New Zealand from India, it is equally crucial to keep the time zone in mind. You must make calls during the appropriate daytime in New Zealand.

Tips for Indians Applying for Jobs in New Zealand

The initial step is to discover Immigration NZ-accredited employers. Sites like Wellington NZ provide useful information about the kind of available jobs and applicant profiles sought by companies.

If you have the abilities required for the position placed on the portal, your chances of receiving a job offer from a recognised firm increase. Then you can apply for the Talent Work Visa. After arriving in New Zealand on a Work Visa, you can apply for Permanent Resident status after a certain number of years.

You can follow the routine below:

Before your day in India comes to a conclusion, investigate all of the advised job sites.

Check with Immigration NZ to see if the employer who has posted a job that you want to apply for is accredited.

Get up early in the morning and apply for jobs, either by phone or by e-mail. This will be really appreciated and will reflect your genuine interest in the position. It will also assist you in adjusting to the work routine in New Zealand. The office opens at or before 8 a.m. and closes at or before 5 p.m.

Look for the skills listed in the New Zealand Skills Shortage. List

You can also choose to Study in New Zealand by obtaining a certificate that would allow you to work and live in the country. It is also feasible to apply for a PR Visa from India if you meet the criteria and receive a Job Search Visa. It is presently 160 points. This will legally allow you to work in the country and apply for jobs both from India and after immigration.

The idea is to be consistent and cautious.

The voyage to New Zealand for work is not as simple as it appears. You may have received phone calls from agencies/agents informing you that you are eligible for a work visa or a permanent resident visa.

You must exercise extreme caution in responding to such agents or firms. They may have accessed your CV via job platforms and made a preliminary assessment of your candidacy. However, keep in mind that only a thorough review from reputable Immigration Experts can offer you with the full picture. It entails a thorough evaluation of your education, employment experience, and skills required by the abroad destination.

Most importantly, you must recognize the distinction between Immigration Consultants and Job Placement Agencies. Recruiters are not permitted to provide legal immigration advice or guidance.


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