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Austria has one of Europe’s oldest economies, making it a popular abroad employment destination. Other advantages include a good standard of living and opportunity for professional advancement. If you want to work in Austria, here are your work visa choices.

Non-EU citizens must have the appropriate work permit to work and live in Austria. They will also need a work permit to stay in the nation for more than six months.

The many forms of work visas are as follows:


The Red-White-Red Card is valid for two years and is linked to a certain workplace. If you change jobs during the next two years, you must apply for a new Red-White-Red card.


Individuals in the following groups are eligible for this card:


  • Highly qualified individuals
  • Skilled labour in professions where there is a scarcity
  • Key personnel
  • Austrian university graduates

Plus a red-white-red card: Employers who have worked for the same company for at least 21 months in the previous 24 months are eligible>


The Red-White-Red plus visa provides the following benefits:


  • Allows holders to settle in the country and work without restrictions.
  • They can change jobs without having to reapply for a permission.
  • Members of the same family may apply for the same card.

Six-month residence permit: Those who want to move to Austria temporarily to look for work can apply for this visa, which is valid for six months.

Students’ residence permit: Students who have finished their studies or related training in Australia can extend their residence permit for a further 12 months in order to find work or start a business.

Prerequisites for obtaining a work visa

The Red-White-Red card is the most commonly applied-for visa for foreign workers. It is awarded to applicants after a point-based system has been used to evaluate them. Applicants must have a sufficient number of points depending on their age, education, professional experience, language skills, and so on.


Applicants are evaluated by the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS), which determines the number of points awarded. This will determine whether or not the application qualifies for the visa. Highly skilled individuals, for example, will need 70 points, whereas skilled people in shortage occupations will need 55 points.

The AMS will also determine whether the candidate is highly skilled or skilled workers who can fill shortages.

The prerequisites for applying for a visa differ depending on the type of visa sought. However, there is a standard set of documents that must be submitted, which includes:

Passport must be valid.

  • Birth certificate or other comparable documentation
  • a recent photograph
  • Accommodation documentation
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
Applicants must present the following proof to meet the qualifying criteria:


  • A university degree or higher education
  • A senior management position’s annual gross salary
  • Activities involving research and innovation
  • Prizes and awards
  • Work certificates and testimonials
  • Language proficiency proof
  • Evidence from Austrian studies
Procedure for applying:

Applicants must submit the necessary documents to their local Austrian embassy and pay the applicable fees, which vary depending on the type of visa. The application fees for the Red-White-Red card, including the form fee, are approximately 150 Euros.

After five years in Austria, you can seek for permanent residency. Keep in mind that the Austrian work permit does not allow for residency. You will need to apply for a separate residence permit for this. You must present your work permit, income statement, and a letter from your company.

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