United StatesSeptember 22, 2022by Prominent Overseas Career0How do I get a Tourist Visa from India to the US?

How do I get a Tourist Visa from India to the US?

If you are from India and want to visit the US, you must get a Tourist Visa for the USA.

A Tourist Visa is a non-immigrant visa that lets you visit a foreign country for a short time. It lets you into the United States and is the most important thing to carry.


Tourist visas B1 and B2 for the US

The B1 Visa (Business visa) is for people who are going to the United States for business-related reasons, like negotiating contracts or going to educational, scientific, or professional conferences, conventions, or seminars.

The B2 Visa, also called a “Visitor Visa,” is for people who want to visit the United States for fun, to see friends or family, or to get medical care.

The B1/B2 Visa, also called the Visitor Visa, is a combination of the B1 Visa and the B2 Visa.

Note: It is important to know that a tourist/visitor visa or an employment visa is both types of “non-immigrant visas.”

What you need to get a US tourist visa from India

  1. Confirmation Letter for an Appointment

Since you have to go to the consulate in person for the visa interview, a confirmation letter is very important. It says that you have paid the required visa fee and shows your application number and other personal information.

  1. Confirmation page for DS-160 Visa Application

When you’re done applying online, you’ll get an application confirmation. You will need to print out that page and bring it with you to the consulate.

  1. Your current passport

Your valid passport shows that the government has given you permission to go abroad. If your last passport has run out, you must also bring the last one that has run out.

  1. Certificate of Birth

The Birth Certificate shows the applicant’s age and other information, like where they were born and who their parents are.

  1. License to drive

Your driver’s license says how old you are, where you live, and has a picture of you. It proves that you know how to drive the type of car you have a license for.

  1. Police Clearance Certificate

This certificate is given out by the Crime Investigation Department or another relevant part of the police department. It shows that the person applying for a visa has a good moral character and has never been convicted of a crime or sent to jail.

  1. Medical Certificate

This certificate from an authorised Medical Center says that you are both physically and mentally fit to travel.

  1. Evidence that you have travel insurance

The travel insurance covers you if you get hurt, have an accident, or even die while you’re in the US. Make sure you get the most coverage by picking the best travel insurance plan.

For the children travelling with you, you will need to show proof of their age, medical condition, permission from their parents to go to the US, and other things.

Important note for Indians:

The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi or the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai will not let applicants in if they don’t have both the medical report and the police clearance certificate.

If you don’t have your Indian police clearance certificate in time, you will have to move your appointment to a later date.

If there is something wrong with your medical report, the Panel Physician will tell you what to do.

Note that a tourist visa is not the same as a transit visa. Transit visas are given to people who are passing through one country on their way to another. Countries that need a Schengen Visa need it.

Step1: Determine your Visa Type

You can get a Tourist Visa online with an eTourist Visa, but you have to apply for it through a special online portal.

You can get the Visa Application Form DS-160 from our consultant office.

Step 2: Get your papers together.

Learn what the document needs and get the documents ready ahead of time.

Step 3: Carefully fill out the application form

Your trip’s date, length, and other information are on the Application Form.

It’s important to say why you’re travelling, whether it’s for fun, business, or medical care.

Make sure to say that you plan to go back to your home country after the trip. You may also need to talk about how much your trip to the US will cost.

There are also flight tickets, hotel reservations, and a contact person with an address in the US.

Step 4: Pay the fee for the visa.

The online fee is about $160 (Rs. 11,300), but this could change. Write down your account number, which you will need to show at your visa interview.

Step 5: Set up a meeting

The interview for a visa is done by people who work in the consulate. Getting an appointment for a visa interview can sometimes take about two weeks. So, the best thing to do is to apply as soon as possible.

You can make an appointment for a visa interview at the consulate closest to you, like the CKGS Application Center in Mumbai, Pune, or any other major city.

Step 6: Attend visa interviews

First meeting is at the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) or Visa Application Center (VAC). Your fingerprints and other biometric information will be taken here.

You must bring your passport, the page that says “Confirmation of Application Form D-160,” and the page that says “Confirmation of Appointment.”

During the second appointment, the officer at the US Embassy or Consulate would talk to you.

The officer may ask you basic questions like what you do for a living, if you’ve ever been to the US or any other country before, etc.


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