Nowadays, it’s easier to get a work visa in Australia. As Australia is the sixth-largest country by its area and one of the most highly urbanized countries. Australia is offering a work visa so every year thousands of workers are choosing Australia as their destination to live and work.

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Work-life in Australia:

Australia has a work-life balance between work and personal lives. The majority of the professionals in Australia are happiest with their mix life in the capital territory and Tasmania. Australia has a high employment rate with lure millions of individuals to work and live permanently.

Abundant career opportunities with different types of industries. Australia is one of the stable countries in terms of the economy in this fast world.

Some Of The Top Industries To Work In Australia Are As Follows:
  • Health care
  • Education and Training
  • Building and Construction
  • Architectural
  • Information and Communication
Eligibility for the Work Visa in Australia:

Eligibility for a work visa in Australia depends on the type of visa applying for. Eligible factors for the work visa Australia are as follows:

  • The nominated occupation must be on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.
  • You should have skills and experience for the occupation you are applying.
  • Skills are needed to be assessed by the recognized assessing authority.
  • Need to prove the language efficiency in the English language by providing certified documents.
  • Require to meet the character and health criteria.
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Work visa categories in Australia:

To live and work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis one should require to apply for the following visas:

Skilled Migration Visa:

Skilled migration visa is designed for foreign skilled workers with having the skills needed by the Australia labour market. Skilled migration visa has common categories as:

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (subclass 489)
Nominated/Sponsored Visas:

Nominated /sponsored visa is for individuals who meet other required criteria and should be nominated by –

  • Recognized Australian Employer
  • Territory or State Authority
  • Government Agency of Territory or State
Process Time For A Work Visa In Australia:

The processing time for a work visa for Australia depends on the type of visa you are applying for and on the verification of the required factors.

Once the Work Visa is approved the Australian market is open for you.

Start your pathways to Australia for your dream job destination where research and development are a part of the largest economies.

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