CanadaJune 22, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerHow to immigrate to Canada from Oman in 2022

Due to its immigrant-friendly laws and practices, many Americans, Britons, and others are relocating to Canada.

Read on to learn how to migrate to Canada from Oman and obtain Permanent Resident status.


Why should Omani immigrants choose Canada?

Canada’s record yearly immigration intake (nearly 4 million) makes it one of the fastest-growing, most varied, and most popular immigrant destinations in the world.

Some reasons why Omanis migrate to Canada:

  • Canada’s basic moral is multiculturalism.
  • Religion, gender, and nationality aren’t discriminated against in Canada.
  • Canada emphasises anti-racism, diversity, and community support
  • Canada’s points-based immigration system is fair.
  • Three times more immigrants per capita than the U.S.
  • Free healthcare, little crime, and good jobs
  • Free education for PRs and Canucks
  • High chances for PR holders to gain Canadian citizenship after 3 years.
  • Canada
  • Vancouver is one of the world’s’most livable cities’


Top 10 Canada PR Visa Benefits

Canada’s immigrant-friendly climate and high quality of life make Omanis feel safe, welcomed, and respected.

To do so, pick a Canadian immigration track.

Oman to Canada Immigration Made Easy (Apply for Canada PR)


There are 3 straightforward methods to immigrate to Canada from Oman and obtain permanent residency.

There are three basic paths you may take if you wish to immigrate to Canada from Oman and obtain Permanent Resident Status.


1. Rapid Entry System

It is a Canadian government-created electronic platform. The Express Entry programme is based on a point system.

As a result, in order to be eligible, a trained professional must score at least 67 points. It is the quickest way with the shortest processing time to obtain a residence permit.

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However, you should be eligible for three Express Entry economic programmes:
  • Canadian Experience Class Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) (CEC)
  • Following qualification, you must get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada Visa. Through the Express Entry lottery. An ITA, or Invitation to Apply, assists you in submitting your application for Canada PR.


2. Program for Provincial Nominees

Canada’s provinces and territories each have their own PNP schemes to welcome skilled immigrants. And become a permanent resident of the province.

Among Canada’s most popular Provincial Nominee Programs are:

  • Immigrant Nominee Program in Ontario (OINP)
  • Immigrant Nominee Program in Alberta (AINP)
  • Provincial Nominee Program in Manitoba (MPNP)
  • Nominee Program in Nova Scotia (NPNP)
  • Immigrant Nominee Program in Saskatchewan (SINP)


3. Skilled Worker Program in Quebec

You can live, work, and settle in Quebec by migrating under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

You may, however, apply for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency by submitting an application to the Canadian Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Eligibility Requirements

The following are the key qualifying conditions for Canada PR:

  • To be qualified for Express Entry, you must score at least 67 points out of 100.
  • Your occupation must be on Canada’s NOC Demand List.

Canada’s point-based immigration system assesses your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to determine how valuable you are to the Canadian economy.

The Express Entry procedure is a popular route for Omanis to migrate to Canada and get Permanent Residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

To be able to apply for a visa through Express Entry, you must have a score of 67 or above (out of 100).


You will be graded on the following criteria:
  • English or French proficiency (maximum 28 points)
  • Schooling (maximum 25 points)
  • Experimentation (maximum 15 points)
  • Age (maximum 12 points)
  • Arrangements for Employment in Canada (maximum 10 points)
  • Flexibility (maximum 10 points)

You can take the eligibility test below to see whether you match the basic qualifying requirements.


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Documents Required for Oman Immigration to Canada

One of the most important needs in the immigration process is documentation. The materials you give assist you in demonstrating your expertise as a professional.


These are their names:
  • Report on Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • Results of language tests
  • Identity documents
  • Evidence of funding
  • Transcripts of education
  • Evidence of work experience
  • Certificate of Character and Health Nomination certificate from any province (if applicable)
  • Letter of intent from any Canadian employer (if applicable)

False claims or insufficient paperwork might jeopardize your entire visa application.


How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada from Oman in 2022

How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Canada:

Step 1: Finish your ECA.

Step 2: Get a CLB 7 or higher in IELTS.

Step 3: Establish an Express Entry profile.

Step 4: Register with a Job Bank (non-compulsory)

Step 5: Submit an application for a nomination to a PNP programme (optional)

Step 6: Obtain your ITA (Invitation to Apply)

Step 7: Submit your clearance paperwork (medical and police)

Step 8: Obtain confirmation of your PR status.

Step 9: Plan your departure from Oman for Canada!

After receiving your visa, you may choose our post-landing support service in Prominent to help you settle there smoothly. We will assist you in finding the best lodging and other settling choices in Canada for up to 6 months after your arrival.

Do you require assistance with your Canada PR visa application? Our visa specialists can assist you.

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The Cost of a Permanent Residency Visa in Canada
Fees for Canada PR visas are as follows:


Application Fee

Processing Fee ($550) + Right of Permanent Resident Fee ($490)

1,040 54,240
Application Fee (Without right of PR) 550 28,685
Spouse or Common-Law Partner fees 1,040 54,240
Spouse or Common-Law Partner (without right of permanent residence) 550 28,685
Dependent Child 150 7,823


How Can Prominent Assist?

Prominent Overseas Careers specialises in Permanent Residency Visas, Work Visas, Study Visas, Temporary Visas, and Dependent Visas to Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, among other countries.


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Profile Evaluation: Professional advice based on an in-depth study of the client profile to estimate the likelihood of visa approval.

Documents & Review: Detailed, error-free documents created to fulfill certain forms dependent on the visa category.

A dedicated Case Officer: A specialist who will help customers throughout the procedure.

Visa Filing: Prominent guarantees that all standard standards of concerned immigration authorities and regulatory organisations are met.

Visa & Interview: Aspirants who attend visa interviews with verified papers are given guidance.

After receiving their visas, Prominent assists customers in settling down in their new nation with a comfortable stay.


Additional assistance provided to job searchers include:

Resume Writing: We have a dedicated team of resume professionals that will write the finest resumes to suit the requirements of immigration authorities and potential employers. This considerably increases their chances of being chosen.

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There are three simple ways to apply for Canada PR from Oman:
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Express Entry System

If you are an Omani professional searching for Canadian visa services such as permanent visas, student visas, temporary work permits, visiting visas, schengen area visas, and so on, please contact us.

You can contact our specialists for additional information on these programmes!