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I am a talented professional with an engineering degree. In addition, I have the necessary professional experience. As a result, I chose to apply through the Canada Express Entry programme. But when I looked up the information on the internet, I was baffled and confused. Yes, that was not a simple task. I recognized I needed expert assistance, which is when I decided to contact Prominent Overseas Careers (POC).

The correct explanation provided by POC consultants:

The POC consultants’ finest quality is their methodical approach. They initially went through the specifics of the express entry mechanism with me. They informed me that this is the Federal System of Canada, which handles applications for economic immigration. The primary goal of this system is to bring qualified individuals to Canada who can contribute to the country’s economic prosperity. It offers three programmes: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Trades (FST) (FST). Regular Express Entry lotteries are held to choose the top candidates.

Guidelines are provided:

POC went over all of the qualifying requirements with me and instructed me to first construct an express admission profile. I have to enter my personal and professional information here. The advisors at POC then explained how I may get points based on several aspects. They also advised me on how to increase my point totoin order to increase my chances of being chosen.

Tips for increasing your score!

POC advisors provided me with helpful advice on how to improve my score. They informed me that there were predetermined points for age and so forth. However, in areas such as language proficiency, I may get more points. Fortunately, I am fluent in both English and French. This offered me an advantage and boosted my scores, allowing me to move up in the rankings. I had previously worked for five years. POC assured me that if I stayed another year, I would be able to gain pretty excellent points in the experience category as well.

Documentation specifics:

I intended to obtain a Canada PR visa and reside in Canada. POC informed me of the visa scheme that I must choose. They also informed me of the paperwork that I would be required to submit with my visa application. They also advised me to double-check all of my paperwork before submitting them. They went over my application and all of my documentation. Finally, I was invited to apply for a visa. I have 60 days to submit my application. All of my documentation were prepared ahead of time thanks to POC’s assistance and direction, and I was able to apply for the permanent residence visa within the time frame. My acquaintance had also gotten an invitation to apply. However, he did not have all of his paperwork ready. As a result, his invitation was cancelled after the 60-day term expired. He has applied for the express entrance system once more.

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If you ask me who the finest Canadian immigration counsellor is, I’ll tell you Prominent Overseas Careers. It is solely because of them that I now have a permanent residence visa for Canada. They are unrivalled. I’m sure if I had tried to do things on my own, I would still be trying to receive the invitation to apply for the visa.

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