CanadaFederal Skilled WorkersLife in CanadaSettle in CanadaMay 14, 2022by prominent.contentIn 2022, Quebec immigration may exceed 71,000 people.

In 2022, Quebec immigration could reach 71,275 new permanent residents. Last year, Quebec granted permanent residency to 50,285 immigrants. Because of the pressure from industry and business groups, Quebec’s immigration target must be met.



Quebec intends to provide permanent residency to around 71,000 people.

  • The proposal was developed in response to demand from business and industry groups.
  • The proposal was developed in response to demand from business and industry groups.
  • The 2020 target has not been met.


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Quebec Immigration Goal for 20220

Quebec planned to receive 69225 permanent residents in 2020, but only 25,225 can be accepted, hence the aim was missed by 18,775. The French-speaking province is now planning to award allotments to those who were not accepted in 2020, as well as incoming immigrants.


The number of temporary foreign workers could also

Quebec also intends to hire temporary immigrant employees. Approximately 30,000 temporary foreign employees were invited to work in Quebec last year. The application process will be simplified, and a variety of trades and occupations will be added. This will aid in the expedited processing of temporary worker applications.

Business and industry groups have put pressure on the government to double immigration in order to alleviate the labor deficit. Every year, the group has asked to welcome 80,000 people. According to Veronique Proulx, head of the Manufacturers et Exportations du Québec, the province should instantly welcome 90,000 people.

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  • IT/ Software
  • Healthcare industries
  • Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounts and Finance
  • STEM
  • Hospitality
  •  Human Resources Management

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