Business VisaDecember 8, 2022by prominent.contentIn 2022, Singapore is predicted to add more employment.

In Singapore’s labor market, increased hiring and more jobs are projected. Many industries have recovered completely and are striving to expand.

“Even though 2021 was not without its problems, businesses and employees in Singapore remained steadfast and maintained the course throughout the year,” according to the Randstad Singapore 2022 Market Outlook & Salary Snapshot Report. The labor market has switched from employer-driven to candidate-driven since Q1 of 2021, indicating a major recovery in the business and recruitment markets in 2022, which we can all look forward to.”

Randstad is one of the world’s major recruitment and HR service providers, with offices in a number of countries.

Many leading employers in Singapore are pushing for talent development and industrial expansion as a result of the growing focus on digitization.

Technology that is digital

In addition to being a demanding year, 2021 was also a fruitful year for Singapore’s tech industry.

The pandemic of COVID-19 prompted a shift to the digital platform, resulting in considerable growth in fields like data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and software-as-a-service (SaaS).


Manufacturing, a major foundation of the Singaporean economy, rose by 10.3 percent between 2019 and 2020, contributing 21.5 percent to Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Financial Services & Banking

Throughout the economic impact of the epidemic, Singapore’s financial services sector has proven to be resilient.

The Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) expects the banking industry to do well in 2022.


The digital transformation is reshaping the insurance business in Singapore, with the transition to online customer portfolios.

Customers’ wants are being predicted using new technology, and processes and products are being developed appropriately.

Companies in the insurance business are now focusing on creating as many touchpoints as possible in order to increase engagement opportunities.

Salary Snapshot – Jobs in Singapore in 2022
 Sector Job Expected monthly salary (in Singapore Dollars)
Information Technology Software engineer From SGD5,000 to SGD14,000
Blockchain developer From SGD7,000 to SGD15,000
Data scientist From SGD5,000 to SGD18,000
Cybersecurity From SGD6,000 to SGD18,000
Manufacturing Logistics operations manager / engineer From SGD5,420 to SGD9,120
Logistics & transportation analyst / lead From SGD4,260 to SGD8,020
IC layout design engineer From SGD2,720 to SGD4,770
Global category buyer From SGD4,150 to SGD7,020
Banking & Financial Services Digital marketing From SGD5,500 to SGD13,000
Investment analyst From SGD6,00 to SGD13,000
Digital product managers From SGD7,000 to SGD15,000
Compliance manager From SGD5,500 to SGD14,000
Insurance Digital sales manager From SGD6,000 to SGD12,000
IFRS actuarial manager From SGD8,300 to SGD12,700
Operational risk manager From SGD5,500 to SGD10,600
Financial reporting manager From SGD6,800 to SDG9,300
How can I work in Singapore while living abroad?

A foreigner who wants to work in Singapore must have a valid work permit before they may start working. The Singapore work visa is another name for this.

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