AustraliaVisit AustraliaMay 4, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerIndia is the top visa applicant since Australia’s border reopened.

People suffocated after two years of pandemics, lockdowns, and regulations. As the world begins to relax, the tourism business has sprung into action. Thousands of people are planning vacations to Australia with their families. India is one of the most popular countries for applying for vacations in Australia.

On February 21, 2022, Australia’s borders will be open to international tourism. By that time, 87,807 visitor visas had been sought for. By April 13, the percentage of international tourists had climbed by 109, and the number of visiting visa holders in Australia had reached 183,201.

According to Department of Home Affairs data, 373,152 visitor visa applications were submitted between February 21 and April 13, with 292,567 granted. During the same time period, Australia received 196,662 international tourists.


Applications submitted in the last three months
Top countries for tourist visa applications.



Number of Applications
India 21 February – 12 April 69,242
The UK 21 February – 12 April 43,276
The US 21 February – 12 April 28,008

Due to the pandemic, the processing period for a few visitor visa applications may be extended, according to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).


Main Attributes
  • From February 21 to April 13, India received the most visitor visa applications.
  • Between the same time periods, the number of overseas tourists to Australia increased by 109 percent.
  • The DHA has tracked the application procedure for subclass 600 visa applications sent outside of Australia. Seventy-six days for 75% of applicants and 37 days for 30% of applications.
  • Applicants expected visa applications to be processed more quickly. According to DHA, because many applications were submitted during the pandemic lockdown and the borders were blocked, the older applications will be processed first. The visa processing times may then be formally modified.


Important things to remember
  • Individuals or families may apply for tourist visas, but each individual must meet the statutory criteria for visiting Australia.
  • The applicant determines the processing time for their application. For visitors and working vacationers, it is computed differently.
  • Assume the applicant applied for a tourist visa prior to the opening of international boundaries. In that instance, the processing period for your application is computed from the date you are eligible to travel.
  • If you apply for a tourist visa after the international borders have opened, the processing time is computed from the date you applied.


Priyanka S, a immigration expert, says….

According to Priyanka S, a Hyderabad immigration expert, there has been a significant surge in tourist visa applications in recent months, particularly from India.

Since December 2021, I have received approximately 15-16 applications per month for visiting visas from India. Tourist visas are now valid for a maximum of 2-3 months. In addition, application submission and complete paperwork are made easier and faster.

When complete and proper information-related documentation is submitted, visa acceptance can be expected quickly. Notably, evidence of monies to be spent during the vacation is required.

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Web Story: India is the top visa applicant since Australia’s border reopened.