Australia Immigration- Sub Class 190Family SponsorshipApril 30, 2022by prominent.contentIndians will be the top applicants for Spouse and Partner visas in 2021.

  • Canada has welcomed immigrants from a variety of countries during the last two years. And it is believed that there is a massive migration from India, with a massive increase in the number of spouses and partners immigrating in recent years.
  • However, according to a 2015 report by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC),
  • Many more Filipino wives and partners filed to become permanent residents than Indians.
  • Later in the years, Indians surpassed these figures and rose to first place in bringing wives and partners to Canada by 2021.
  • In 2021, around 10,705 Indian wives and partners became permanent residents, accounting for 17 percent of the total population of 64,340.
  • Following that are the United States, the Philippines, and China, which were also the top achievers in terms of bringing their spouses and partners to become permanent residents.
  • Canada’s immigration levels anticipate inviting and allowing 80,000 partners, spouses, and children to enter the country this year, 2022.
  • By incorporating parents and grandparents into the programme, this goal has been raised to 1,000,000.

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Countries’ statistics on the number of partners and spouses in 2015 and 2021
Country Number of spouse and partner immigrants 2015 Number of spouse and partner immigrants 2021
India 3720 10705
US 3510 4805
Philippines 4370 4805
China 3310 4260
Pakistan 2805 2735
Vietnam 690 1945
UK 1480 1900
Mexico 1045 1575
Jamaica 1490 1340
France 700 1125


Reunification of spouses:

During the covid-19 epidemic, the merger of spouses and partners was a major driver for increased migratory streams.

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Statement by Immigration Minister Sean Fraser:

“This is one of the streams that were first immigration processing that has been returned to the 12-month service level for processing,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

Other immigration processing systems, such as federal high-skilled workers, continue to take a lengthy time to process service standards. Applicants for Family Sponsorship can check their status online. Canada has recently created a new application tracker to examine the status of immigration files in this procedure.

During the original introduction in February, this tracker was made available to partners, spouses, and dependant children seeking permanent residency. This tracker is now used by the dependents, spouses, and partners categories to monitor the status of their applications.

In the words of Canada’s Immigration Minister, Fraser…

Fraser, Sean “This new tool is made available to verify the progress of an application in processing for partners, spouses, and dependent children.” And we’re working on other trackers like this for various programmes.”

Spousal sponsorship eligibility

Sponsors must be over the age of 18.

Sponsors must be Canadian citizens, have a permanent residence in Canada, or be registered as a Canadian under the Canadian Indian Act.

Canadian citizens living outside of Canada must give proof of their intention to remain in Canada while sponsored applicants become permanent residents.

Citizens living outside of Canada with only permanent resident status are unable to sponsor.

Aside from disability, no one should receive social aid for any other reason.

Must be able to meet the basic necessities of persons being sponsored.

Sponsored by:

Background, medical, and security checks must be completed for the person being sponsored and their family members.


The spouse could be of either sex and:

At least 18 years ago

The Sponso must be lawfully wedded to you.

Conjugal partners and Common-Law partners may be of any sex and must be:
Common-Law Partner Conjugal Partner
Must not be legally married to the sponsor Not legally married to common-law relationship with the Sponsor
Must be of 18 years old Must be of 18 years old
Must be living with the sponsor for at least 12 continuous months in a conjugal relationship without any long gaps. Live outside Canada, Must not have been living with the sponsor in their home country or marry the sponsor due to few legal and immigration reasons, marital status etc.


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Proofs required for a common-law relationship:
  • Residential properties are owned jointly.
  • Rental contracts
  • Utility bills were shared.
  • Personal identification documents such as evidence of age, proof of address, proof of insurance policy details, and proof of driving licence details must be submitted.
Sponsoring your partner or spouse will cost you:
Name of the Fees Fee in Dollars
Principal candidate’s application fee 475
Sponsorship fee 75
For Biometrics (photo and fingerprints) 85
Right of Permanent Residence fee 500


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