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Why take IELTS?
  • IELTS is a standardized English proficiency test for persons who desire to study or work in another country.
  • The exam is divided into four sections: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • The higher your scores, the more likely your admission or work opportunities.
  • There are two types of IELTS given, namely, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training
  • You can choose between in-person and online IELTS coaching.


What exactly is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized test for determining English language proficiency.

It is a widely accepted English language test, and the majority of individuals take it. Many international students who want to study abroad begin by typing “IELTS coaching near me” into a search engine on the internet.


IELTS is available in two formats:
  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General Training

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The IELTS Academic is designed for people who want to study in a foreign country or who need professional registration in an English-speaking environment.

IELTS Academic assesses candidates’ readiness to begin their education or train overseas.

IELTS General Training is designed for people who want to move abroad with their families. People who plan to travel to an English-speaking nation for secondary education, training programs, or work experience must submit IELTS General Training results.

Because of the large number of people who take the IELTS each year, there is a high need for IELTS Online Coaching Solutions.

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Let’s go over the IELTS test format.

The IELTS test, which lasts around 2 hours and 45 minutes, measures students’ English competence in four areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Type of test Timings
Listening 30 min
Reading 60 min
Writing 60 min
Speaking 11 to 14 min


The General Test, Academic, Listening, and Speaking tests are all comparable.

The Reading and Writing components of the two IELTS tests, Academic and General Training, differ. The topic matter of the parts is determined by the type of test chosen.

All IELTS examinations require completion of the three portions of Reading, Listening, and Writing on the first day. There are no intermissions.

The Speaking component can be performed any day before or after the test, at the discretion of the test center.

Details of the IELTS Sections


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The detailed information for the various IELTS sections is provided below


Listening section
Questions 40
Tasks 4
Timings 30 min
Accents Canadian, New Zealand, British, American, Australian
Marks awarded 1 Mark per question
Important note Incorrect grammar and wrong spellings are penalized

Four recordings must be carefully listened to by the contestant. They must afterwards write down their responses to a few questions based on the audio they were given. It should be noted that the recordings will have a “native English speaker” tone.

The candidate’s ability to comprehend the major ideas and absorb the information supplied cognitively is evaluated in the Listening part.


Reading Section
Questions 40
Tasks 2
Timings 60 min
Marks awarded 1 Mark per question
Important note IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests
IELTS Academic –

Three long texts from books, newspapers, journals, and magazines are provided for the IELTS Academic part of the test.

The texts provided are understandable for non-specialist candidates seeking professional registration or enrollment in a university abroad.

General Training for IELTS –

The exam is divided into three portions. There are excerpts from newspapers, rules, magazines, books, and other sources. The texts they are given come from sources found in everyday life in an English-speaking setting.


Reading Section
Questions 2
Tasks 2
Timings 60 min
Task 1 To be answered in 150 words in twenty minutes
Task 2 To be answered in 250 words in forty minutes
Important notes ·         Short answers less than the word limit are penalized

·         The answer is to be given in complete sentences

· No bullets

No lists

IELTS Academic –

The themes take into account the interests and suitability of individuals seeking admission to graduate or postgraduate studies, as well as those seeking professional registration.


ELTS General Training –

The topics covered are of general interest


Reading Section
Questions 2
Tasks 3
Timings 11 to 14 min
Task 1 In approximately, 4-5 minutes, general questions asked
Task 2 Approximately 2 minutes of talking about a specific topic
Task 3 Approximately 4-5 minutes of further discussion on the topic given in Task 2


The Speaking component of the IELTS is not held on the same day as the other three sections. The Speaking test is used to evaluate the candidate’s ability to communicate in English. It is done in the form of an interview between the examiner and the test candidate


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