Hello there! I am Srivastava, and I am now in Canada on a PR visa. My path to come to Canada began with a student visa. I’ve always aspired to further my studies in a foreign nation and eventually move down there. I had a few possibilities, one of which was Canada. I was perplexed, which is why I decided to contact Kansas Overseas Careers.

Why did I choose Canada?

When I consulted with the specialists at Kansas Overseas Careers, I discovered that I can live comfortably in Canada. There are also more advantages of studying in Canada. For international students, a campus provides a safe haven. The education system is excellent and meets international norms. There are various decent courses available, and the greatest part is that I will be able to apply for a permanent visa to Canada in the future.

This is how I got started!
There were several preparations to be made, as well as requirements to be accomplished. I had Kansas Overseas Careers on my side, so I didn’t have to worry. Because I intended to apply for a college education and a course that would last more than two years, I had to do so one year in advance at an authorized learning facility. After receiving the selection letter, I had to fulfil the remaining requirements such as obtaining a medical certificate, a character certificate, a passport, and other paperwork. These documents are required when applying for a student visa to Canada.

My immigration professionals assisted me with all of these requirements, and I obtained the study permit and relocated to Canada to finish the degree. But I didn’t want to stop there. I wished to make a permanent home in this great country. Experts in Kansas advised me to apply for the Provincial Nomination Program. Employers in Canada are eager to hire international students who have finished post-graduate studies on the Canadian campus. I was fortunate to receive a job offer from a Canadian company. It was a fantastic chance that had arrived at my door. I didn’t spend any time and grabbed it. This aided me in obtaining a permanent resident visa quickly. Today, I am happily situated in Canada and have a nice work.

There are alternative choices, such as studying in Canada on a student visa and eventually becoming a permanent resident. One can choose between the Canadian and Quebec experience classes. Of course, there are some requirements that must be followed. For further information about the formalities, contact Kansas Overseas Careers.

You will need the assistance of visa and immigration specialists to make your travel as simple as possible:

If you were to ask me if it was worthwhile to study and settle in Canada, I would say yes. Then my response is yes. However, excellent things need hard work and effort. You will also require suitable direction. You should seek advice from leading visa specialists.

Prominent Overseas Careers is a company I will always recommend. They were instrumental in my immigration to Canada. Their immigration specialists are really helpful and kind. They explain everything in simple terms. They will assist and advise you throughout your immigration process.


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