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TOEFL is a highly acknowledged English language proficiency test that permits you to score well enough to gain admission to prestigious universities.

Tips for a Great TOEFL Score 1. Practice, Practice, and More Practice

There is no other way to increase your practice time, and only you can improve your score.

Don’t take the test too soon:

Allow some months to prepare for the TOEFL.

If you have already reserved a spot, consider delaying the test for a few months to prepare.

Make a study schedule and stick to it:

Gather information about the mock tests you can take and devise a strategy based on it. Practice tests on a regular basis. Please administer a practice test every two weeks.

Make a note of the incorrect questions while writing the sample test and focus further on that specific area.

Build your general English knowledge the remainder of the time.

Pretend you’re taking the real exam:

When you plan to take a mock test, take the whole test. Pretend you’re taking your TOEFL exam without your phone, dictionary, or any assistance.

Stick to the timer and come to a halt when it runs out. This will help you understand time management and how to deal with stress. This event will boost your confidence and prepare you for the test.

Find a teacher or a buddy to assist you with your speaking and writing:

Though the reading and listening components can be practiced, most of the time you will need to have someone listen to your speaking to gain feedback. If that person is a teacher or a friend who is fluent in English, you will be able to gain useful comments to help you improve your English skills.

Understand all of the directions or instructions

All language proficiency exams are designed such that you must complete the portions (reading, writing, and answering questions) in a restricted amount of time.

You no longer need to read the instructions or work on many practice tests. When you have finished answering a question, click the continue button and utilize the extra time to read and answer the passages or review your answers.

When taking practice tests, make sure to read the directions well and remember them for each section. Follow the instructions and make sure you understand them completely.


Provide greater arguments and evidence for your responses during the speaking test. In short, demonstrate your knowledge of several English words during the speaking test.

  1. The Timeline

You don’t regard time as an enemy if you understand how to use it according to our test. Even if you’re busy answering questions, try focused on the directions on the screen and the clock ticking. Spend no further time if you are unable to answer a few questions. Try guessing the answer if you can afford it.

Improve your typing abilities by producing mock or practice tests to maximize your writing time. Check how many right answers you can obtain in 5 minutes during practice exams. Try the simpler questions first to get more answers in less time.

Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary.

Finally, any language is evaluated based on your vocabulary and grammar. Grammar is how well you connect words in your vocabulary.

Make an effort to learn a few phrases and expressions every day. Try constructing sentences out of them and taking some online quizzes based on these words and phrases. This will help you develop an active vocabulary.

Remember to include these words in your writing and speaking assessments for practice.

Avoid discussing any terms or structures that you are confused about when taking the test.

  1. Maintain Positive Notes

Maintain thorough notes while reading and listening in your spare time.

To save time while completing a practice test, always break down the content into keywords and symbols.

Writing in complete phrases will take longer, so try to build your own note-taking technique that allows you to grasp and respond fast.

  1. Read, Listen and make notes

You can practice reading academic texts as well as listening to lectures or classes. Look for the major concepts in the context at all times. They are usually denoted by discourse markers.

Making notes and responding to it will help to justify the query to some level.

  1. Speaking, writing, and repeating

You will need a partner to practice speaking and writing with; this can be a teacher or a buddy with good English abilities.

However, having a companion may not always be possible for you. If you can’t find a partner right now, you can be your own ‘reviewer.’

Record and listen to yourself while speaking. Make a note of your mistakes and do sure you don’t make the same one again. Compare your writing to writing samples and highlight any faults.

TOEFL Test Writing Practice Steps

This technique will help you self-reflect, and you can repeat it if you enjoy it.

  1. Improve your approach and mindset.

Everyone feels worried before taking the test, which is understandable. Some stress is also beneficial; nevertheless, do not worry excessively. In the exam, demonstrate your original English skill levels.

While taking the test, try to remain cool and confident. If you perform a large number of tests, this stress simulation will not exist. You will be able to breathe normally during the test.

Do not be alarmed if you come across any strange topics during the exam. Try a different approach to the question. You may either decode it by Googling keywords, or you can guess the answers.

Keep in mind that no one can improve or learn a language overnight; every day of practice counts.

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