CanadaJune 25, 2022by Prominent Overseas CareerMechanical Engineers will be in high demand in Canada in 2022.

The demand for mechanical engineers in Canada is increasing rapidly. According to the “Canadian Association of Professional Engineers,” there are over 15,000 mechanical engineering positions available and only 10,000 people qualified to fill them.

In Canada, there is an urgent demand for competent mechanical engineers. With so many vacancies vacant and just a tiny pool of people with the necessary competence, Working in Canada, however, is difficult, especially if you do not have a PR visa.

This blog will assist you in determining numerous entry points into Canada. Read on.


Mechanical Engineer Job Titles in Canada

There are numerous titles under which mechanical engineers can work in Canada.

Airport Engineer Architectural Engineer Bridge Engineer
Building Envelope Engineer Cartographic Engineer Environmental Engineer
Civil Pipeline Engineer Civil Structural Engineer Coastal Engineer
Concrete Engineer County Engineer Dams Engineer
District Engineer Drainage Design Engineer Geodetic Engineer
Geomatics Engineer Hydraulics Engineer Hydrographics Engineer
Hydrological Engineer Irrigation Engineer Drainage Engineer
Material Engineer Testing Engineer Navigation Engineer
Noise Abatement Engineer Ocean Engineer Photogrammetric Engineer
Pollution Control Engineer Public Works Engineer Traffic Engineer
Reclamation Engineer Remote Sensing Engineer Sanitation Engineer
Sewage Control Engineer Transportation Engineer Tunnel Engineer
Road Systems Engineer Water Systems Engineer Water Treatment Engineer

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Mechanical engineers in Canada are classified under NOC category 2131. All of the titles shown in the table above fall under NOC category 7251.

Immigrant Routes for Mechanical Engineers to Canada

There are two methods to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. The Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program are also available (PNP).

Express Entry is a government programme that permits applicants to settle anywhere in Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Program, sometimes known as the PNP, is a province-based PR status. It permits candidates to remain in the region from where they were nominated.

Program for Express Entry

Express Entry is a fast-track concept meant to fill a skilled labour shortage in Canada. A point-based evaluation is used to evaluate the candidate’s internet profile. These are referred to as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points.

CRS Points Main Parameters

Parameters Description
Age There is no defined limit. But 18-35 years of age is considered ideal.
Language Proficiency It is a very important factor. Those who can also speak French apart from English are allotted extra points. Take IELTS or CLB tests.
Education Higher education is an added advantage for immigration.
Work Experience Higher work experience will help score more CRS points.
Adaptability Having a spouse/sibling in Canada begets you extra points.


Other considerations are also considered. Candidates’ profiles are transferred to the Express Entry Pool once they finish the Express Entry Program.

If they reach the minimum qualifying score, eligible candidates are chosen for permanent residency in periodic draws. Responses to invitations to apply for PR status must be received within 90 days.


Program for Provincial Nominees

Candidates with low CRS scores in the Express Entry Pool can apply for permanent residence in Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Each Canadian province has its own set of qualifying requirements. To get PR status, candidates must satisfy the necessary criteria.


The following are the qualifying requirements for several provinces.

  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) – 60 points out of a possible 100.
  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) – A 400-point Express Entry CRS score is required.
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NS PNP) – Requires an in-demand vocation as well as a 4.5 IELTS score.

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Mechanical Engineer PNP programmes in Canadian provinces

In provinces where mechanical engineers can apply, there are many streams for qualified professionals. Here is a list of in-demand vocations by area, along with the expected compensation.

Mechanical Engineers have the National Occupation Code (NOC) 2131.


Mechanical Engineering PNP Streams Are Now Available
Province Programs for Civil Engineers Average Salary PA


Alberta Opportunity Stream

NOC 0211 – Engineering Managers

NOC 2131 – Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Alberta Express Entry Stream




British Columbia

BC PNP Tech Pilot Program

NOC 2132 – Mechanical Engineers

Express Entry British Columbia





Ontario Express Entry

Human Capital Priorities Stream

In-Demand Skills Stream





Skilled Workers in Manitoba

NOC 0211 – Engineering Managers

NOC 2132 – Mechanical Engineers

NOC 2141 – Industrial & Manufacturing Engineers

Skilled Worker Overseas



New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream

Skilled Workers with Employer Support



& Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker

Skilled Worker Category




Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Nova Scotia Express Entry Labour Market Priorities

Skilled Worker Stream

(Skilled Workers Pathway)




Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Express Entry Stream

Skilled Worker Stream

Critical Impact Worker Stream





International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

International Skilled Worker:

Occupations In-Demand

International Skilled Worker:

Saskatchewan Express Entry




Prince Edward Island

PEI PNP Express Entry

Skilled Worker Stream

Critical Worker Stream





Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

Skilled Worker

Critical Impact Worker




Every Canadian province is different from the other. They have various industries where mechanical systems engineers can find suitable jobs. Some regions have more job opportunities than others. Qualified engineers can compete for these positions.

Annual Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in different Canadian provinces

Province Average Salary per Annum
Alberta $74,409 per Year
British Columbia $65,069 per Year
Manitoba $69,686 per Year
New Brunswick $64,668 per Year
Northwest Territories $90,070 per Year
Nova Scotia $59,293 per Year
Newfoundland & Labrador $72,799 per Year
Prince Edward Island $65,000 per Year
Quebec $61,113 per Year
Ontario $64,551 per Year
Saskatchewan $68,679 per Year
Yukon $77,917 per Year


Canada’s Atlantic

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick make up this area. These provinces are sparsely inhabited, yet there is a high demand for engineers in emerging sectors.

It is an ideal location for finding a happy medium between business and family life. It’s how people live in Atlantic Canada. The region has a friendly atmosphere and one of the lowest crime rates in North America.


British Columbia and Ontario

Toronto and Vancouver are located in this area. These two provinces provide the most prospects for mechanical engineers. The United States borders each of these provinces, and the spirit is decidedly American.

Niagara Falls, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan are among well-known attractions in Ontario. British Columbia is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is studded with thousands of little islands.


Saskatchewan and Alberta

Great engineering firms like Jacobs and Stantec call this location home. The need for machinery and technological design is strong. Engineers are needed in conventional jobs all around the area.

Engineers with specialised knowledge and expertise are in high demand. They are compensated well, and the cost of living is modest. Summers are beautiful here, but winters may be brutal.


Northwest Territories and Yukon

In this location, mining is the order of the day. However, the pay is acceptable and the lifestyle is wonderful. There is a lot of pristine forest and fishing.

During the summer, there are 18 hours of daylight. Winters are quite different, yet you can view the spectacular aurora borealis in the nights. It’s an exciting time to be a mechanical maintenance engineer in this setting.


Mechanical Engineer Qualification Requirements in Canada
  • Mechanical engineers in Canada must have the following credentials.
  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a closely related subject is required.
  • A master’s or doctoral degree in a relevant engineering subject
  • Licensing by provincial or territorial professional engineering associations
  • Engineers are eligible for registration after three or more years of supervised work experience and graduation from authorised engineering institutes.
  • A professional practise examination must also be passed.

If necessary, the Canada Green Building Council can provide the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credential.


Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in Canada

Mechanical engineering is a wide and diversified technical profession. Mechanical engineers in Canada must complete four years of main undergraduate study.

After that, the student might work as an Engineer in Training (EIT) for many years. Only then will they be eligible to earn a professional engineering certification in Canada.


Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in Canada

University Name Features

University of Toronto

·         Named as one of the top 100 universities worldwide

·         Located in downtown Toronto

·         Candidates have to enter a one-year bachelor of applied science programme for the mechanical engineering stream

·         The study includes from cars to medical devices using basic mechanical engineering principles

·         Join the core Programme for your chosen discipline

·         TrackOne for undeclared students

·         Engineering Science for pure sciences

·         Can choose to specialize in mechatronics, manufacturing, solid mechanics & design, energy & environment & bioengineering


McGill University

·         Public Canadian university with high worldwide rankings

·         Located in the city of Montreal

·         Rolls out a rigorous programme with an opportunity for mentorship with best & brightest global famous researchers

·         Mechanical engineering programme includes three streams

·         Stream A – for students entering after pre-university & technical college (CEGEP)

·         Stream B – for students not attended CEGEP

·         Stream C – for honours students

·         Participate in extracurricular activities like robotics, Formula SAE & Rocket Team

·         Specialized options like design concentration & aeronautics concentration also available


University of British Columbia

·         A public research university

·         Located in Vancouver, Western Canada

·         Prospective students to complete a year of general engineering at the University of British Columbia

·         Or from another college with a transfer programme

·         A limited number of spots available

·         Qualified applicants with top grades & personal profiles are selected

·         Opportunity to participate in a unique programme MECH 2, which allows students to take four consecutive courses in a year instead of 6 or 7 per term

·         Study principles of mechanical engineering in a practical context

·         Classes are held in small sessions

·         Avail of field trips & hands-on projects


University of Alberta

·         A public research university

·         Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Western Canada

·         Home to Canada’s largest mechanical engineering department

·         Enrols 700 undergraduate program students & 250 graduate program students

·         Extracurricular opportunities include Undergraduate Research Programme

·         Students are paid to participate in research

·         Join Formula SAE Team & Engineers Without Borders

·         A choice between different tracks

·         A choose between traditional four-year programme and five-year cooperation education stream

·         Participate in an eighteen-month paid work term

·         Option to specialize in biomedical engineering


McMaster University

·         A public research university

·         Located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario

·         Ranked among the top universities in the world

·         Admission requirements are quite competitive

·         Applicants to have an average of 87% in selected subjects

·         A choice between traditional four-year programme and five-year cooperation education stream

·         Can look for paid work lasting up to sixteen months


University of Waterloo

·         A public research university

·         Located in Waterloo, Ontario

·         Mechanical engineer stream includes design, mechanics, manufacturing, power & control

·         Admissions based on grade 12 marks for selected courses

·         Opportunity to participate in co-op terms

·         Can acquire up to two years of work experience

·         Enough resources to pay for your studies


University of Western Ontario

·         A public research university

·         Located in the city of London, Ontario

·         Faculty consists of 30 members working in various fields of mechanical engineers’ research

·         Admissions after one year of general engineering

·         Provides a strong foundation for mechanical engineering in the second & third years of study

·         Can choose to specialize in specific areas in the fourth year

·         A choice between robotics, fluid & thermal systems, manufacturing & production management


University of Calgary

·         A public research university

·         Based in the city of Calgary, Alberta

·         The mechanical engineering programme is a part of the Schulich School of Engineering

·         Applicants to enter the Schulich School of Engineering first for a common first-year programme

·         The first-year programme consists of 10 foundational engineering courses

·         Like physics, mathematics, computing, engineering principles & others

Queen’s University at Kingston ·         A public research university

·         Located in Kingston, Ontario

·         Mechanical engineering programme provides foundational knowledge to work

·         The machine shop is complete with CAD workstations & CNC machines

·         Can gain hands-on experience in manufacturing

·         Can also choose to specialize after completion of 2 years

·         The biomechanical option is also available


Dalhousie University

·         A public research university

·         Located in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia

·         Mechanical engineering programme intake for 250 undergraduate students

·         All students to take a common first-year course

·         A choice between a traditional four-year programme & five-year cooperation education system

·         Students can gain work experience in-between studies


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Popular Mechanical Engineering Graduate Skills in Canada

To come to Canada as a mechanical engineer, you must have a number of talents. Knowledge and work experience are required.


Here is a list of competencies that Mechanical Engineering graduates should have:
  • Consult with clients and other engineering team members.
  • Conduct research to discover the project’s specifications.
  • Create specifications and operational processes.
  • Examine and suggest relevant materials
  • Create and stick to work schedules.
  • Conduct feasibility and economic analyses.
  • Environmental impact studies and other research
  • Keep an eye on the quality of the air, water, and soil.
  • Create processes for cleaning up polluted locations.
  • Conduct a technical examination of survey and field data.
  • Serve as a project or site manager.
  • Contract documentation must be prepared, and tenders must be evaluated.
  • Control technicians and other engineers.
  • Engineering drawings and designs must be reviewed and approved.
  • Complete the specs and cost estimates.


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Mechanical Graduates are being sought by companies in Canada.

Mechanical engineers have a wide range of responsibilities in their field. They are frequently employed as design engineers, researchers, and consultants. Finding the ideal firm to work with might be difficult.

Here are the top 10 Canadian firms with job vacancies for globally qualified engineers.


Top Ten Mechanical Engineering Companies in Canada


Company Name Description


·         Publicly traded company

·         Headquartered in Montreal, Western Canada

·         Founded in the year 1937

·         An international giant in the transportation industry

·         Employs over 68,000 people

·         Manufacturing vehicles, aerostructures, business aircraft, commercial aircraft

·         Majority of mechanical engineering roles


SNC-Lavalin Inc

·         Founded in the year 1911

·         One of the largest engineering companies in Canada with offices all around the world

·         Working in various engineering projects including design, consultation & management

·         Serving industries like mining, nuclear, oil & gas

·         Work environment prioritizes health, safety & environmental protection

·         Needs mechanical engineers & project managers



·         Located in Edmonton, Western Canada

·         It started as a one-person company but grown into a limited public entity

·         Working on numerous large-scale projects

·         The candidate’s job profile involves collaborating with a team of designers, scientists & product managers

·         Focused on huge construction works

·         Needs mechanical engineers for building codes & project management



·         Award-winning company

·         Solution provider for advanced sciences, digital technologies, operations & facility management and more

·         Branches include transportation, advanced facilities, water management & infrastructure

·         Notable projects include Dubai’s Business Bay & Toronto’s Metrolinx Transit Program

·         Process mechanical engineers required for projects including water management



·         Became an independent company in the year 1990

·         The distinguished history of predecessor firms from 110 years

·         Worked on landmark projects in Canada, including the CN Tower in Toronto

·         Employee programs include AECOM Women Inclusion Network & Military Employment Transition Programme

·         Opportunity to participate in landmark projects marking city skylines across the country

·         Mechanical engineering roles include project management & process engineering


Pratt & Whitney

·         Headquartered in Longueuil on the outskirts of Montreal

·         Predominantly designs products for aviation including aeroplane engines

·         Has over 13,400 customers across the world

·         Employs over 10,000 people globally

·         Focus on improving fuel efficiency & precision manufacturing technology

·         Large engineering department for mechanical engineers

·         Offers internships & campus recruitment opportunities for mechanical engineering students


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

·         Aims to advance clean & secure nuclear science & technology

·         Canada’s premier nuclear science organization

·         Helps scientists develop applications & research related to environmental issues

·         Great places for candidates to develop personal & professional skills

·         Has over 3000 employees

·         Strengthens Canada’s technological workforce

·         Mechanical engineers can apply to departments like mechanical design, project management & thermal-hydraulics



·         Research organization for mechanical engineers with advanced engineering degrees

·         TRIUMF stands for Tri-University Meson Facility

·         Canada’s largest particle accelerator centre

·         Collaborates with 20 different Canadian universities

·         Maintains a team of 500 multidisciplinary researchers, engineers, technicians & students

·         Mechanical engineers have options like general researcher & postdoc researcher for Cryogenic Dark Matter


World Aviation Corp.

·         A Canadian company based in Concord, Ontario

·         Performs repairs & modifications of mechanical components used in aircraft

·         Employs 60 skilled technicians using advanced equipment

·         20,000 square feet manufacturing facility at the headquarters

·         Can apply to many mechanical engineering specializations

·         Reverse engineering of components for creating repair manuals

·         Working to improve existing technologies in the aircraft industry



·         Engineering company owned by its employees

·         Team with diverse educational backgrounds

·         Over 9,000 employees working around the world

·         Working on engineering challenges in infrastructure, energy, metals & investment market sectors

·         Notable projects include the Burnhamthorpe Water Project for the city of Mississauga

·         And the Rainy River Solar – 210-acre solar farm in Northern Canada



Mechanical engineering graduates across the world enjoy considerable mobility. They are in high demand in Canada. With a rapidly growing economy, the country requires skilled immigrants to sustain an expanding infrastructure.

Mechanical Engineer Salary Slabs in Cities

City Salary per Annum
Toronto Between $67,100 – $117,600
Vancouver Between $67,700 – $117,400
Montreal Between $63,100 – $111,400
Calgary Between $69,800 – $120,4400


Canada is one country that welcomes immigration. As the demand for engineers has increased over the years, a substantial Indian community has settled in Canada.

If you want to migrate to Canada as a mechanical engineer or engineering student, please contact our immigration experts at Prominent Overseas Careers.

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