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Canada grants PR visas to young and fit qualified people who may favourably contribute to the country’s economic progress. Every immigrant, whether an international student pursuing higher education or a foreign skilled worker, must pass medical exams.

According to common law, your admission to Canada is contingent on your excellent medical condition. Here is a brief overview of what every prospective permanent residence candidate should know about Canadian health tests to assist you answer all of your questions. Continue reading.


Medical Examinations Required for Permanent Resident Immigration Status in Canada

All permanent residence applicants, including accompanying spouses, partners, and dependant children, must have a medical checkup.

Even whether you are intending to be a temporary resident as a live-in caregiver or a guest, all visa applicants must have a medical exam.


Where and who should I go to receive a medical exam?

You can have your immigration medical exam in your native country or any other country of your choosing. The most significant need for the test is that the doctor performing your physical examination be a panel physician.

  • The doctor on the list who has been approved by IRCC as a designated panel physician can only perform the immigration medical examination.
  • Only these doctors have the authority to perform your examination and award you with a Health Certificate.


What medical examinations are necessary for Canadian immigration?

General medical examinations for the eyes, nose, heart, lungs, and other organs, chest X-rays, HIV and Syphilis blood testing, and urine tests are frequent tests that immigrants must pass while applying for Canadian permanent residency.


A Temporary Resident Visa candidate is required to undergo the medical test if:
  • You’ve spent at least six months in one of these countries in the preceding year.
  • You intend to work in a field where public health must be safeguarded.
  • You are submitting an application for a parent or grandparent super visa.

Applicants for Permanent Residence in Canada must pass a medical exam. These exams must also be taken by accompanying spouses, common law partners, and dependent children.


Medical Exams Required for Canadian Immigration

Even whether you are intending to be a temporary resident as a live-in caregiver or a guest, all visa applicants must have a medical exam. For your Canada immigration, the following vital medical tests will be performed:


Extensive Physical Examination
  • This medical checkup involves examinations of your eyes, nose, heart, lungs, and other vital organs. At this stage, you should address any severe health issues you have had in the past with your doctor.
  • Doctors would consider it favourable if it does not have any negative consequences right now.


X-rays of the chest
  • This is a critical medical evaluation to discover any ongoing problems with critical systems.
  • If a female candidate is pregnant, the X-Ray exam is skipped for the sake of the fetus’s health.
  • However, when the kid is born, both the mother and the youngster must undergo a series of examinations.


Blood Examinations
  • To be eligible for a permanent residence card in Canada, the applicant must be free of serious illnesses and disorders such as active tuberculosis, HIV, and Syphilis.
  • The blood test is a critical diagnostic tool for a variety of different illnesses that influence your general health.


Urine Examinations
  • A thorough evaluation of your urine sample is also performed in a cutting-edge laboratory to detect any subsequent medical complications. This test may determine everything from diabetes to significant medical concerns.

It is vital to understand that the civil surgeon on the panel can only do your medical exam and give you with a Health Certificate. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada makes the final decision on visa issuance.

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What are the Medical Health Examination criteria for applying for a Canada PR?

  • According to Canada immigration requirements, you and your family members must be in good health.
  • They do your examination alongside family members to ensure that your present or anticipated medical concerns may not cause problems for Canadian Health or Social Services.

People with illnesses, physical disorders, or psychological issues that need hospitalisation and ongoing medical treatment are frequently deemed ineligible to Canada following the medical examination.


Medical Tests Cost

A cycle of medical tests will cost you between 5000 and 9000 INR. These would include the X-rays and all of the key blood tests mentioned above.


Medical Test Validity

The panel physician’s Health Certificate is valid for the next year. If you apply for a Canada PR Visa after one year from the date the Health Certificate was issued, you may have to restart the process.


What can you expect from your medical exam?

Only an accredited panel physician can do a full medical evaluation for immigration purposes.

When you get there

  • To authenticate your identify, the panel physician or clinic staff will ask for identification. You may be required to provide your identity again if you are sent for an x-ray or other testing.


Questionnaire for Medical History
  • With your permission, the doctor will complete a medical history questionnaire.
  • This form inquires about any prior or current medical issues.
  • They will also inquire about any drugs you are currently taking.
  • It is critical to inform the panel physician of any prior or current medical issues. If you do not, processing your medical exam may take longer.


Examination of the body

The doctor or staff at the medical clinic will:

  • Weigh yourself
  • Take your height into consideration.
  • Examine your hearing and eyesight.
  • Check your blood pressure.
  • Check your pulse
  • Pay attention to your heart and lungs.
  • Examine your abdomen
  • Examine how your limbs move.
  • Examine your skin.
  • You may be requested to have chest x-rays and laboratory testing at a clinic or a laboratory, depending on your age.
  • Depending on the results of your medical evaluation, you may be sent to a specialist for further testing. Complete this as soon as possible to minimise delays in processing your medical examination.


It is proper to have a chaperone.

During the medical exam, you have the right to a chaperone at any moment.


You may:
  • Request that a staff person be present in the room from the medical clinic.
  • Stop the exam at any point to ask the doctor questions about what he or she is doing.
  • Stop the exam and request a chaperone, even if you first denied one.


When your exam is over,
  • The physician will provide us the results after the exam is completed. The doctor will provide you with documentation indicating that you underwent a medical examination.
  • If you are dissatisfied with how the panel physician or panel radiologist performed your medical evaluation, you have the following options:
  • Use the web form to file a complaint, or contact the Client Support Center.


What jobs need a medical examination when applying for a visa?

  • Workers in the Health Sciences
  • Clinical laboratory technicians
  • Patient attendants in nursing homes and geriatric care facilities
  • Admission of medical students to Canada Universities
  • Physicians and Medical Electives
  • Primary or secondary school teachers
  • Day Nursery Employees Agricultural Workers Domestic workers who provide in-home care to children, the elderly, and the disabled


Other Important Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifying requirements for Permanent Residence in Canada?

We’ve outlined the eligibility requirements for you:

  • The ideal age range for scoring more points is 18 to 35 years.
  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Documents must be submitted for educational credential evaluation ( ECA)
  • To demonstrate your English language skills, you must take IELTS and pass with the required score.
  • There is no criminal record, and you are in good health and character.
  • You should not have any criminal charges or convictions while applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. A valid passport is normally granted after a criminal background check is performed.


What Can You Expect From a Canada PR Immigration?

  • Because Canada immigration programmes are mostly based on points, you will be required to achieve 67 points on the Canada immigration test.
  • These points are assigned based on your age, education, employment experience, language competence, and overall health.
  • You will be prompted to specify the programme you wish to apply for.
  • There are several programmes for foreign employees, such as the Express Entry programme, the Quebec programme, the provincial nominee programme, and so on.
  • You must include this even if you are applying for a PR visa through a sponsorship application.
  • You must choose a profession from the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and have at least two years of work experience.


How long does it take to process a Canada PR application?

For candidates using Express Entry, it may take 1 to 2 months to receive citizenship and immigration Canada, while those using other procedures must wait around 3 months.


How long may you wait to visit Canada once your PR visa has been approved?

If you get a favourable PR decision from Immigration and Citizenship Canada, you must enter Canada as soon as possible to activate your permanent residence card.

This must be done before your passport and Health Certificate expire following the medical test.



Whether an international student pursuing higher education or a skilled worker with a suitable profile, the Immigration and Citizenship Department of Canada extends a warm welcome to everyone.

However, adequate points, excellent health, and financial upkeep are the primary conditions for a successful admission.


The following medical tests are required for Canada PR:

Physical examination X-rays of the chest Blood test Urine test

If you have any questions about the medical exam criteria for Permanent Resident immigration to Canada, our specialists can help.


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