With several of the world’s biggest companies setting their head quarters in Hong Kong, it has truly established itself as Asia’s commercial capital. Well known as the global financial centre, Hong Kong was earlier a British colony and it at present a Chinese Special Administrative Region. It offers QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme) visa to the immigrants using a point system where the applicants must score a minimum of 80 points in order to be eligible for the visa. The points are awarded based on a number of factors including education, family background, age, language proficiency and work experience.

The submission of the original documents and a final face to face interview is usually scheduled in Hong Kong itself where the applicant has to reach in order to finalize his application. An approval – in – principal letter is given to all the applicants who manage to get the requisite number of points. However, this letter doesn’t give any guarantee of the applicant’s final entry.

Only highly skilled professionals are offered entry into Hong Kong on the basis of the QMAS visa. However, over the years, a large number of Indians have actually managed to cracked the code and have migrated to Hong Kong and are currently leading a prosperous life by all means. This can also be seen in the local businesses where a large number of enterprises have been opened and are being run by Indians only.
The other kinds of visas offered by the Hong Kong authorities include IANG – to attract overseas students and GEP – in order to ensure a continuous supply of labour for the local markets. Both of these visas do not have any annual sealing and are always open for the eligible and deserving candidates, thus making Hong Kong an ideal destination for a large number of Indians.

Why to migrate to Hong Kong?

• With almost nonexistent tax rates, Hong Kong is as good as a free economy, which makes it very easy to run business and work here
• Getting a resident’s status in Hong Kong is relatively easy for the immigrants
• Hong Kong has a great Human Rights record, and thus is a safe society for the residents and the immigrants alike
• The government and the administration in Hong Kong is known to be corruption free and work in the best interest of the public. This city state is actually a role model for the larger nations to follow in this regard
• Free of cost education is offered to the children of immigrants – perhaps one of the biggest reasons to imagine your future in Hong Kong