CanadaLife in CanadaSettle in CanadaJune 25, 2022by prominent.contentNew immigration perks for overseas students and job seekers in Canada

Canada has announced new perks for international job seekers and students. The restart of Express Entry drawings for the following applicants has also been announced:

  • Federal Skilled Employees
  • Skilled Trades Administration
  • Class for Canadian Experience

Sean Fraser has introduced a new temporary policy to assist students in extending their stay in Canada. Such students’ temporary status may be about to expire, and this new policy will assist them in extending their stay.

This will also aid them in their application for permanent residency in Canada. International students in Canada with an expiring postgraduate work visa will be able to apply for a new work permit with an 18-month validity period.

It is expected that around 95,000 PGWPs would expire in 2022. A new work permit is expected to help 50,000 PGWP holders, according to estimates.

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Express Entry

The restart of CEC, FSTP, and FSWP has also been announced. This will aid in filling approximately a million job openings. New Express Entry applications will be processed within six months. According to IRCC, the processing time for Express Entry might range from seven to twenty months.

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Applications for Permanent Residency

Candidates who apply for an open work permit may have to wait for the processing of their PR applications. Their work permit will be valid until December 31, 2024. This ensures that the processing of the PR Applications is completed before these applicants are required to apply for a new work permit.

Indians will be the primary beneficiaries of this visa. In 2020, 50,841 Indians were invited to apply for permanent residency. In 2021, 100,000 Indians will have become permanent residents.

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