New ZealandAugust 28, 2020by Prominent OverseasNEW ZEALAND’S VICTORY OVER COVID-19

Finally, NEW ZEALAND’S  VICTORY OVER COVID-19! There is no doubt that New Zealand is one of the strongest and powerful countries and remains one of the world's greatest economies in the world. Many people want to migrate here for its diversity, beautiful landscapes, and overall quality of life.The New Zealand migration program does not discriminate and is open to anyone from any country regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, colour, religion, provided they meet the criteria set out in the law.


New Zealand has various choices for you in terms of visa if just in case you have already got employment provides. the foremost far-famed visas for immigrants are Long Term Skill Shortage Visas and Skilled Migrant Visa.

If you’ve got skills, qualifications, or expertise that New Zealand desires you’ll be ready to apply for a resident visa underneath the skilled migrant category.

If you are a professional engineer, doctor, scientist or a teacher with a minimum of 3 years’ experience, You can choose the Skilled Migrant Category Migrant system to apply for a PR

The skilled migrant category is a points system with supported factors like age, work expertise, qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment. you want to even be aged fifty-five or below, and meet English language, health, and character needs.

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The skill Shortage Visas for Long Term is the apt choice for PR seekers .this permits, immigrants, to be used for thirty months in New island in an exceedingly job that the state is facing inadequacy of abilities.

Once a migrator completes twenty-four months within the job, he/she is qualified to use for permanent residency in New island. they’re conjointly eligible to use for an extra conditional work visa.

The catalogue of needed skills is sort of comprehensive. This includes engineering, construction, health, finance, and social services. just in case if your skills aren’t enclosed within the list, you’ll still apply through recreation, sports, and arts.

There are simple ways to apply for a PR visa :

  1. Evaluate your profile
  2. Apply for job assistance
  3. Apply for PR Visa


Many people find New Zealand as the best for living and migrating and here are some benefits of settling int this amazing place.

1)Low Cost of Living

2)Vast, Untouched Wilderness Areas

3)Lots of Rights for migrants

4)High-quality Healthcare

5)Top-notch Education

6)Top-notch Education

These are some of the top benefits you can have if you migrate to New Zealand.


It is very correct and right to say that New Zealand has one of the strongest economies in the world. The last person who was being monitored for coronavirus has now been released from isolation as he’s been symptom-free.

  • The way it eliminated the COVID 19 pandemic is very astonishing.
  • There is no COVID 19 case in New Zealand for 100 days in a row.

On 8 June, Ms. Ardern announced that with no new community transmissions in 17 days and all patients fully recovered,  “We are confident we have eliminated the transmission of the virus in New Zealand for now”.

The whole nation came and fought together and thus they got victory over he COVID 19 pandemic.

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