The latest Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw results show that four Canadian provinces, namely Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and PEI, have issued invitations for provincial nomination.

The PNP is a program jointly administered by the federal and provincial governments of Canada, aimed at distributing the economic benefits of immigration to regions outside major urban centers. It allows provincial governments to select candidates they believe are best suited for economic establishment and integration within their respective provinces. A PNP nomination makes it easier for candidates to obtain permanent resident status, but it does not guarantee it. Candidates must still apply separately to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Here are the details of the provincial immigration results from June 10 to 16:



Alberta conducted seven separate draws under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Programs between May 9 and June 8. The province has a total allocation of 9,750 spots for 2023. Two draws were specifically for candidates in the Designated Healthcare Pathway, Alberta Job Offer stream, with the first draw inviting eight candidates on May 9, and the second draw inviting five candidates on May 25. The lowest-ranked candidate in the first draw had a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 307, while the cut-off CRS score for the second draw was 401.

On May 9, Alberta also invited 175 candidates through the Priority sector – Tourism and Hospitality Occupation with Alberta Job Offer stream, with the lowest-ranked candidate having a CRS score of 444. Additionally, a total of 236 candidates were invited through the Family Connection and Primary Occupation in Demand stream, with 119 candidates invited on May 11 and another 117 candidates invited on June 1.

Furthermore, a draw on May 30 invited 20 candidates in the Priority Sector – Agriculture Occupation with Alberta Job Offer, where the minimum qualifying CRS score was 342. The most recent draw on June 8 invited 150 candidates from the Priority Sector – Agriculture Occupation and French as a First Language, with a minimum CRS score of 382.


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British Columbia:

British Columbia conducted three draws on June 13, which is the typical day for their draws. The largest draw was a general draw that invited 170 candidates from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry-Level, and Semi-Skilled streams of the BC PNP, including Express Entry candidates. The minimum Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score ranged from 87 to 107.

In addition, British Columbia invited 23 early childhood education educators and assistants, as well as 18 candidates in a draw targeted for healthcare occupations. Both draws required a minimum SIRS score of 60.



On June 15, Manitoba invited 540 candidates from three categories of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. The first draw was occupation-specific for candidates in the Skilled Worker in Manitoba streams, with 255 candidates nominated if they worked in occupations under specific National Occupational Classification (NOC 2021) groups related to technical trades, transportation officers, controllers, construction trades, building maintenance, installers, servicers, repairers, operators, drillers, and blasters. The minimum required score for this draw was 602.

Additionally, a general draw issued 205 nominations to Skilled Workers in Manitoba with a minimum score of 665. The remaining two draws invited 59 candidates in the International Education stream and 21 candidates in the Skilled Workers Overseas category, with scores of 718.

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Prince Edward Island:

PEI conducted its second draw of the month on June 15. A total of 118 Expressions of Interest were issued to candidates in the PEI PNP Labour and Express Entry stream, while four were issued to candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category who exceeded the minimum point threshold of 82.