AustraliaExpress EntryLifestyleVisit AustraliaJune 21, 2022by prominent.contentOur main priority is to process any outstanding visa applications: Andrew Giles, Australia’s Immigration Minister

  • The new Australian government intends to shorten the wait for parent visas.
  • The provision of visas and citizenship is the government’s top priority.
  • The present backlog applications must be handled and cleared first.
  • Restoring the human relationships that were severed as a result of the pandemic.
  • Skilled temporary employees who wish to apply for permanent migration will be given priority.

What are the advantages to working in Australia?

Andrew Giles, Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs

According to Andrew Giles, “the first and most important action that the government must take is to minimize the high wait times for citizenship processing and the gridlocking of the visa system to manage correctly.” Our first aim is to clear the backlogs and restore the human connection.”

“It has been observed that the waiting period for obtaining Australian citizenship is unusually long.” This must also be addressed as a top priority. The immigration system may change a few restrictions to allow skilled temporary employees to achieve permanent residency.

‘Advancing Multicultural Australia’ is the theme.

This year’s topic for FECCA and ethnic communities is ‘Advancing Multicultural Australia.’ The following issues were raised during this event:

By guaranteeing and working on complicated issues that require a thorough consultation and design work in the departments.

Due to the pandemic effect, Australian immigration has had a massive visa backlog, which will be addressed very soon by the government.


Australia expands the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List by 22 occupations.

The new leadership inspires great optimism, as evidenced by the Order’s diversity and the number of nominations received.

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