New Zealand PR Visa

New Zealand is among the most beautiful and serene locations in the world. It provides all the comforts you would expect to have, from a home away from home, with a more relaxed and pleasant environment.

Wanting to move to New Zealand? Here's what you need to know...

Moving to New Zealand means living in a beautiful country with innumerable opportunities. New Zealand has a population of only 4 million people. Not only is New Zealand less crowded, the people working here have a balanced work-life which is worth envying.

The Benefits of Getting a New Zealand PR Visa are:

Limitless Employment Opportunities
Friendly people and Pleasant weather
High Quality of Life.
World-class Healthcare facilities and Education
Low cost of living.

Other New Zealand Visa

Prominent Visa
The New Zealand visit visa can be used for various purposes. You can visit your friends and family who are staying in New Zealand.
Students going to New Zealand to study for more than three months would require to apply for a New Zealand Student Visa.

Eligibility Requirements for New Zealand PR visa in 2022

The basic requirements to fulfill in order to obtain a PR Visa in New Zealand are:

In order to judge your eligibility, the government has formed a PR points system in which points are allotted under the following criteria

  • The age of the applicant should be less than 55 years.
  • Proficiency in the English language is required to apply for this type of visa.
  • Complete Medical certificate stating the applicant is medically fit to travel and has no serious disease or ailments.
  • The applicant must not have any previous police records or should be involved in a serious offense. 
  • A job offer letter from the recognized company should be in hand at the time of filing the application for the PR visa.
  • The applicant should be able to prove his intent to stay in the country.

One can apply for a PR visa in New Zealand through various categories mainly Skilled Migrant Category, Partner Category, and Business and Investment Category.


Documents required to apply for a New Zealand PR Visa in 2022:

  • A completed Application form.
  • A valid passport issued by the government of India.
  • 2 passport-size photos which were recently taken.
  • You must present a report of the Educational Credential Assessment.
  • A valid birth certificate issued by the local municipal authority. 
  • Character certificates from previous employers would say a lot about the conduct of the applicant. Hence, it is mandatory proof of document. 
  • Proof of nomination (if any).
  • English Language proficiency proof that is achieved after qualifying tests like IELTS and Duolingo.
  • Spouse Skill documents, if your spouse is also applying for a PR visa.
  • Police Clearance Certification (PCC) to prove that you have no criminal records.
  • Business reference letters.
  • New Zealand Business Visa
  • New Zealand Work Visa
  • New Zealand Spouse Visa

 Every year, thousands of business persons are looking to try their hand at making a fortune in New Zealand and there is no reason why one must not. There are many Categories to obtain Business Visas in New Zealand, through being an investor, entrepreneur, etc. New Zealand has a flexible business visa system designed to cater to most business people’s needs. 

New Zealand offers two main working visas, the Essential Skills visa and the Skilled Migrant visa. The Essential Skills visa is for people with skills that are in short supply in New Zealand, like doctors, engineers, etc.

If your partner stays or is working in New Zealand then it is easy for you to join them if you get a spouse visa for yourself. Not only you, but your children can join you and stay in New Zealand.

FAQ's Section:

Is it difficult to get PR in New Zealand?

Ans: In order to judge your eligibility, the government has formed a PR points system in which points are allotted under a few criteria like Age, Education, Work experience, etc

Is NZ PR easier than Australia?

Ans: Both are great countries, especially for immigrants, Australia has more jobs, better weather, and you will likely have more disposable income than you would in New Zealand.

Is IELTS required for New Zealand PR?

Ans: Those who wish to migrate to New Zealand must meet the minimum standard of English required by the New Zealand Government. The government requests IELTS as evidence of English language proficiency for many visas, including those within the Skilled Migrant, Business, Parent, and Residence from Work categories.

Is it easy to get PR in New Zealand?

Ans: It is easier to get a Permanent Residency when you have a qualification level 7 or more as a graduate, a sought-after skill, and decent work experience.

Is New Zealand giving PR?

Ans: If you have a New Zealand residence visa and have been living in New Zealand for 2 years or more, you may be eligible for a Permanent Resident Visa