UK PR Visa

The UK is still one of the world’s greatest destinations for those looking for an overseas career.


All you need to know about migrating to UK.

Citizens from all over the world move to the UK every year with hopes of settling down with a dream job or exploring a promising business opportunity. The country offers promising opportunities in terms of jobs, lifestyle, pollution-free environment, safety, and much more.

There are many benefits of migrating to the UK. Some of them are:

There is improvement in the financial situation.
The UK offers world-class Healthcare and Education facilities.
You can avail social security benefits.
You will confirm your right to remain in the UK.
You can take your family along with you in the UK
Prominent Visa
The UK investor visa is one way to obtain an immigrant visa for the UK.
Work Visa 2022 Eligibility Documents
The Global Talent visa is a UK immigration category for talented and promising individuals in specific sectors wishing to work in the UK.
One Businessman Working outside workplace
A Skilled Worker Visa allows you to go to the UK and stay there and work for an approved employer. On the basis of fulfillment of certain eligibility, you can apply for this type of visa.

Eligibility requirement For UK PR Visa in 2022:

Here are the eligibility criteria one needs to meet to apply for permanent residency in the UK.
  1. You must have a score of 70 points to qualify in the defined parameters like skills qualification, salaries, and profession.
  2. You require to score 6.5 overall bands in IELTS-GT.
  3. You must have an offer letter from a UK-recognised employer.

Another important criterion to apply for a UK visa in India is you need to fulfill the UK immigration points-based assessment system. The number of points you score on the UK points system determines your eligibility for the UK work visa. In the UK points system, points are awarded for the following: Your qualifications, your future expected earnings, Sponsorship, your English language skills, and whether you have enough funds in your bank.

Documents required to apply for a visa to migrate to the UK:
  • You need to take the English Language Proficiency Test. That mainly includes IELTS and TOEFL.
  • You must show your documents to prove your prior work experience and other documents to apply for the job in the UK.
  • You should have enough funds in your bank to support your expenses during your stay in the UK.
  • You are also required to submit a character certificate to show that you have no police records or have committed any criminal activity. 
  • A medical certificate is required to prove that you are healthy, fit, and fine to work in the UK

The applicants first need to move on a temporary basis to the UK and then they have to file for ILR that is indefinite leave to remain.
  • UK Business Visa
  • UK Work Visa
  • UK Spouse Visa

The UK Business Visa in India has one of the highest applicants every year. Even during the pandemic, the process of UK Business Visa didn’t stop. Being an immigration company with years of experience, Prominent Overseas Careers has been assisting applicants all over India to help file UK Business Visas. 

The UK ranks fifth in the list of largest economies in the world. Every year the UK attracts thousands of workers around the world who want to come and get better job opportunities and to aim for a better standard of living as well as have a good quality of life with world-class health care benefits and exceptional education.

A UK spouse visa is a permit granted to the applicant who is married to a person who is either a British Citizen or a person with a UK PR visa. In 2022, approval on UK Spouse Visas is still open for the applicants from Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, and other parts of India but only with full proof paperwork.

FAQ's Section:

Is London giving PR to Indians?

Ans: Yes, the UK is offering PR, but for that, the applicants first need to move on a temporary basis to the UK and then they have to file for ILR that is indefinite leave to remain. You can migrate to the UK by having a job letter in your hand or if you are staying in the UK to study further and then find a job.

How long does it take to get PR in the UK in 2022?

Ans: You should expect up to 6 months of processing time for permanent residency applications made in the UK. Some applications may exceed the time limits, but most applications are decided within 6 months.

What are the benefits of UK PR?

There are many benefits of UK PR, few of them are, You will be eligible to apply for British Citizenship after just one year of residence in the UK. In addition, you can immediately proceed with your child’s British citizenship application.

Does the UK give PR to international students?

 Ans: You can migrate to the UK by having a job letter in your hand or if you are staying in the UK to study further and then find a job, stay back and apply for the ILR.

Which European country is easy to get PR?

Ans: GREECE. One of the cheapest residency programs, with minimal financial investments needed, the permanent residency program offered by Greece, is one of the cheapest as compared to other European residency programs.