FoodHealthProfessional and Skilled WorkersJune 25, 2022by prominent.contentSingapore has relaxed restrictions on migrant movement

  • The Corona pandemic will not impose any limits on migrant labor.
  • Over 300,000 migrant laborer’s reside in dormitories and have been subjected to restrictions for the previous two years.
  • Campaigners have slammed the decision.

From June 24, 2022, migrant employees will not require permission to leave their dorms. Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, they have been subjected to these limitations for the past two years. Some advocates were dissatisfied with the decision. They stated that certain limits must be obeyed.

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Migrant workers’ living conditions

Nearly 300,000 migrant laborer’s live in dorms. Most of these workers are from South Asia. The employees share quarters and sleep on bunk beds. The epidemic had an impact on the complexes. Right activists spoke out over the deplorable living conditions of low-wage workers.

Guide to Singapore vaccinated travel lanes (VTL)

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Easing of restrictions

Many people’s harsh limitations were eased within a short time. This ease, however, was not extended to migratory labor. They were only permitted to labor. Later, progressive relaxation of the limitations was offered, and workers were permitted to visit certain recreation places. To visit some places, workers must acquire departure credentials.

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Workers will no longer require credentials to exit their dormitories beginning June 24. Authorities have stated that workers will still require permission to access four locations on public holidays and Sundays. There will be 80,000 passes available per day.

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