• US announced five changes for the international students
  • H-4, E, and L visa holders need not apply for EADs
  • J-1 visa holders can extend their visas for 36 months after completing their STEM studies
  • Premium processing will be conducted for petitioners under EB-1 and EB-2 categories

The United States has established a number of initiatives aimed at assisting international students. Following the outbreak, attempts have been done to clear the backlogs. The country will begin premium processing and visa extensions so that people can work in the United States.

Steps taken by the United States to assist immigrants

The following are the steps made by the United States to assist immigrants:

Authorization for Work

The spouses of H, E, and L visa holders have been given new guidelines. The dependent spouses of E and L will not be required to apply for EADs. Some H-4, E, and L dependent spouses will have their present employment permission automatically extended. Their EADs will be automatically extended as well. Prior to the expiration of their present visas, visa holders must apply for an extension.

The EADs will be automatically extended until the expiration date on the Form I-94 is reached. Approval or refusal of the renewal application, or applying for an EAD 540 days before it expires, are other circumstances that will affect the extension of EADs.

Extension of J-1 Visa

STEM students can extend their J-1 visa for an additional 36 months. After completing their STEM studies, they can begin their training within 30 days. By extending their J-1 visa, recent graduates can also begin their academic training. DHA has expanded the STEM Optional Practical Training Program to include 22 new subjects.

Procedures for obtaining an O-1 visa

The rules for obtaining an O-1 work visa have also altered. This visa is granted to those with expertise in a variety of disciplines, including science, business, education, sports, and many more. Applicants for this visa must have exceptional abilities in the film and television industries.

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