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  • Students want to study abroad, and the majority choose to study in Canada.
  • Canadian educational institutions provide students with current knowledge and skills.
  • The annual salary ranges from 80,000 to 105,000 CAD.
  • Canada’s civil construction industry is thriving.
  • Graduating from a Canadian institution puts you one step closer to obtaining Canadian PR.

Many students look forward to studying abroad, particularly in Canada. Students travel to Canada because of its famous universities and courses that aid in job development. The country has grown in popularity among young students who want to study abroad.

Canadian institutes educate its pupils with up-to-date information and cutting-edge capabilities. It will help you enter the job market with confidence. To earn a significant salary, you can pursue your desired career in one of the various fields.

Canada Student Visa

A student visa in Canada helps you reach a step close to a bright future. Select to pursue courses in disciplines that are much desired. The courses help you build skills that empower you rather than just giving you basic qualifications.

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Why should you study in Canada?

After completing the tenth grade, international students should consider studying in Canada. It will help if you make wise decisions and select the best academic streams. Here are a couple of the most in-demand streams.

  • Stream of Business Administration

Consider a Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, degree from a Canadian institution or university. It would enable you to be considered for different opportunities in a variety of businesses.

According to Service Canada’s COPS, or Canadian Occupational Projection System, there will be no shortage of jobs for graduates in the discipline of Business Administration until 2024. Accounting is one of the most sought-after occupations in this sector. It entails working in business’s market research, payroll, and legal departm

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  • Stream of Software Engineering

The Canadian IT sector is seeing an increase in investment. According to the COPS, the number of employees has increased by 50% in the last several years. Software engineers design and maintain software systems.

A software engineering graduate’s average salary is 90,001 CAD.

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  • Stream of Nursing

Nurses in Canada are required to obtain an undergraduate degree in nursing. Training improves their nursing abilities. A post-graduate degree in the field of nursing is another option. In Canada, there is a strong job market for nurses. The average salary in the nursing profession is 84,510 CAD. The fact that Canada has a large ageing population also contributes to the field’s stability.

  • Stream of Finance

The study of finance might begin with a two-year basic course in business. Corporations, banks, and the like may be included. You can handle and analyse the financial components of any business with the help of the fundamental course.

After graduation, you will be able to pursue several financial jobs. Bank managers, market research analysts, portfolio managers, security analysts, and mortgage brokers may be included. The average salary in the financial industry is 103,376 CAD.

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  • Stream of Pharmacology

Even an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology might earn you a good living in Canada. Following graduation, you must take an examination with the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada.

The good news is that Pharmacists will be needed until 2024. Following that, you must complete your apprenticeship. After that, you must enrol in a college in the province. As a nursing student, this is a fantastic opportunity.

The average pay in the Pharmacology field is 102,398 Canadian dollars.

  • Stream of Civil Engineering

The trends in Canada indicate a tendency toward large-scale heavy engineering projects. The home construction industry in Canada is booming. It advises that civil engineers be required. A civil engineer can work on different stages of construction, including infrastructure design and construction.

The average salary for Civil Engineering is 80,080 CAD.

As a result, students who choose to study in Canada have a promising future! Students can even qualify for permanent residency status in Canada. To be eligible for PR status, one must score at least 15 and enrol in a one-year degree programme. A wonderful future awaits you if you study in Canada.

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