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The Canberra Matrix draw has invited 159 people

Highlights The Canberra Matrix draw welcomed 159 individuals for nominations to the ACT. Invitations were sent to overseas applicants and Canberra residents. The invitation was extended to the candidates with the highest ranking. Invitations were made to candidates in Critical Skill Occupations and Small Business Owners. For more details get in touch with Best consultancy...

The Australia Fair Work Commission has announced the largest minimum pay increase since 2006

Highlights Effective July 1, the Fair Work Commission increased the minimum wage by 5.2 percent, or $40 per week, to $812.60 per week. The government has raised the minimum wage to 5.1 percent, although award minimum salaries are set to rise by less than 4.6 percent. Australia’s Fair Work Commission made an announcement. Around 2%...