Ireland Visit Visa

The Ireland visit visa can be used for various purposes. You can visit your friends and family who are staying in Ireland

Thinking To Visit Ireland?? Here's What You Need To Know...

The process of an Ireland Visit Visa is best when accompanied by a professional as we are bestowed with enough experience to tackle the complex paperwork that is involved in the approval. 

In order to visit Ireland, you should apply for a short-stay visa. This is also known as the ‘C’ visa. It is advisable to apply for this visa 3 months before your scheduled date of travel. This visa is valid for a maximum period of 90 days.

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Documents Required For Ireland Visit Visa:

  • A valid passport issued by the Indian government with at least six months validity.
  • A letter explaining the reasons why you wish to visit Ireland.
  • A detailed plan describing what you intend to do during your visit.
  • Printed reservation confirmation on where you will be staying.
  • Proof that you have travel and medical insurance. A health insurance policy in your name.
  • Proof of having paid the visa application fees. That is the receipt of the payment.
  • Evidence that you will return to India after your visit. To prove this, you need to provide evidence of your employment and family commitments in India.
  • Proof that you have enough finances to support yourself during your period of stay. This will include bank statements of the last six months

With Visit Visa of Ireland, You Can:

Visit the UK on an Irish tourist visa without having a separate UK tourist visa

Visit Ireland on the UK short-stay visa without making a separate application

Travel an unlimited number of times between the two countries during the validity of the visa

The cost of a visa for a short Stay ‘C’ Visa is €60 and for a multiple entry visa, it is €100.

You will be able to travel to Ireland on the UK short-stay visitor visa and if you are a citizen of an approved country. If you are an Indian citizen, there is a facility to visit Ireland and the UK on a single visa that is issued by either of these countries.

How Prominent Overseas Can Help You In Obtaining Visit Visa: 

The complete process of visa application, documentation, and the verification of the documents can all be very confusing and hectic tasks. To make all this process less stressful we at prominent overseas are dedicated to helping and guiding you throughout. Our team of experts will take care of all the necessary requirements and get you through a successful application.
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FAQ's Section:

How long does it take for an Irish visa to be approved in 2022?

Ans: It is advisable to apply for this visa 3 months before your scheduled date of travel. This visa is valid for a maximum period of 90 days. 

How can I get a work permit for Ireland from India?

Ans: To apply for a work visa for Ireland from India, the visa-subject foreign national (Indian) is required to find a job in Ireland. After the applicant successfully finds a job in Ireland, they can apply for the permit to work in Ireland from the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation (DBEI).

How long does it take to get an Ireland visa from India?

Ans: In order to visit Ireland in 2022, you should apply for a short-stay visa. This is also known as the ‘C’ visa. It is advisable to apply for this visa 3 months before your scheduled date of travel. This visa is valid for a maximum period of 90 days. 

When will the Ireland visa open?

Ans: According to google the latest update is The Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys TD, and the Minister of State for Law Reform, Youth Justice and Immigration, James Browne TD, have announced the resumption of short-stay entry visa processing. The move will come into effect from Monday, 13 September 2021.

What is cost of Ireland Visit Visa in 2022?

Ans: For a single entry Visa to Ireland, a person needs to pay an amount of INR 4800 which does not include the service fee. For a multiple entry Visa, a person needs to pay an amount of INR 7800 excluding the service fee, whereas the fee for a transit Visa is only INR 2400.