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About this Website

There are disclaimers on our website that specify that Prominent (this website) is an independent entity.


Prominent has deliberately overcome historical verifications that guarantee the validity and general legitimacy of our business.

Property Rights

Apart from what is stated, Prominent is sole owner of the copyright of all the layout, material, design, data, trademarks, graphics and logos of the company under the domain www.prominentoverseas.com.We will do all possible things to safeguard our customers, intellectual property, rights, employees and members. We will take a legal action certainly if it is essential.

Limitation of Liability

Prominent will not be liable for any unusual or consequential loss resulting from the use or non-use of the materials on this website or the efficiency of the products, even if Prominent has actually been suggested about the timing of such loss. There is no such relevant law for restriction of exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential loss, so the above restriction or exclusion is not applicable to you.

Limitations on Personal Use

The offers we provide through news, emails, articles, information, products and services are for your personal and non commercial. You must not modify, duplicate, distribute, transfer, display, recreate, perform, publish, produce derivative works, grant licenses, or sell any type of information, or any other content, service or product purchased from Prominent without the express written consent.

Errors in Payment

If the highlighted products and services are erroneously indicated at an incorrect price, we have the full rights to refuse or reject any type of detailed payments for services at the incorrect price. We hold the right to refuse or invalidate any type of orders, whether the order has been verified and your credit card billed or not. In the event that your credit card has been billed, a full refund will be issued for the incorrect cost amount.

    • Evaluation : 100% non-refundable

Refund policy

    • In case the immigration rules change mid way during your application process which make you ineligible for the services which were opted by you, we would refund up to 25% of the amount paid by you.
    • If your application is rejected by the embassy, immigration or other related authorities, we would offer a 25% refund of your fee.
    • No refund if hard copy of agreement is not signed by you and properly returned to us.
    • No refund if you acquire and transform your mind later and determine to withdraw.
    • No refund if you do not want to proceed with our solutions.
    • No refund would be offered in the case of submission of fraud documents, if the police clearance certificate is older than 3 months, if the client or any of the family members fail the medical examinations or in case of any violation of immigration laws by the applicant.
    • All the refunds would be issued within 30 days of the applicant filing for a refund request.

Other Services

  • No state or the central government has affiliated with us as the visa issuing authority. In exchange for a service fee, we provide services including documentation, filing and other application related services.
  • All the information mentioned here on our portal is aimed to be general in nature and related to visas and immigration issues. If you are making any purchase on this website, it is assumed that you have agreed to be bound by the terms of use of this website.
  • We may provide a free newsletter to the subscribers of our website. If you wish to opt out of this service, you can unsubscribe from this list anytime. In case you continue to use this service, your email id would never be shared with any third party for either commercial or non commercial use. We will give you a complete refund in case we refuse to offer a service due to incorrect pricing and your credit or debit card has already been charged.
  • Certain hyperlinks on the website may redirect you to some other websites. While we have tried our best to ensure the safety of such web pages, we won’t be responsible for content on those pages and neither do we endorse them in any way.
  • We also offer a technical evaluation of your profile to give you a fair idea of the chances of making the cut to the country of your choice. Such evaluation reports would also give you your projected scores and would be given to you within a time period of 48 hours. Once applied for this service, the fee would not be refundable.
  • The company retains all the rights over its ‘Terms & Conditions’ and can change it any time without any prior notice. Also, if you purchase any of our services, you automatically agree to have read and understood all of these points and would be treated under these only.