CanadaLife in CanadaSettle in CanadaVisit CanadaJune 8, 2022by prominent.contentThe Canada Parents and Grandparents Super Visa stay period has been extended to 5 years

  •  Canada extends the residence period for parents and grandparents on super visas to five years.
  •  Medical insurance providers will provide coverage for Super visa applicants.
  • Every year, Canada grants approximately 17,000 super visas.
  • The number of available slots for PGP permanent residents is typically greater than the demand.

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Major changes to the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa will take effect on July 4, 2022.
  •  Each year, Canada extends the term of residence for Super Visa holders to five years.
  • Currently, Super Visa holders have the option of extending their stay in Canada for up to two years. After extending their stay, Super Visa holders can stay in Canada for up to seven years.
  • Medical insurance firms would be asked to cover Super Visa applicants as quickly as possible. This authority is delegated by Canada’s Immigration Minister.
  • At the moment, Super Visa holders can stay in Canada for up to two years each entrance. This is a multi-entry visa that is valid for up to ten years.
  • How some Applicants for Super Visas could currently only acquire medical coverage from Canadian insurance carriers. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated that more information would be provided later.
  •  Each of Canada’s political parties suggested and approved these improvements.
  • Canada issues around 17,000 Super Visas per year.
  •  For the past ten years, the Super Visa has served as an alternative to the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). As it was popular, the PGP program offered permanent residence, and the demand for sponsoring the parents always surpassed the number of available slots.

If indeed the IRCC received roughly 200,000 sponsor requests in a given period, there were only 20,000 available immigration places. As a result, IRCC has temporarily opened expressions of interest windows for the PGP and then staged lotteries to prolong requests to apply for permanent residency under the PGP.

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Candidates who pass a medical examination and show evidence of private health insurance from a licensed and approved insurance provider can also obtain a Super Visa. This is done so that Canadian taxpayers do not have to pay for emergency health treatment in Canada. Provided, however, that the host children or grandchildren meet the IRCC’s minimal income requirements.


The enhancements to the super visa program enable family members to be reconciled for a longer period of time in Canada.

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