The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly had an influence on the UAE’s job prospects. According to a poll conducted by Robert Half, a worldwide recruitment firm, the construction, retail, hotel, and restaurant industries are the most affected by the pandemic. On the plus side, government utilities, IT service providers, and the FMCG sector have increased their recruiting. Software engineers, finance managers, cybersecurity experts, financial planning analysts, and other specialized individuals are in high demand.

Since June, employment in the UAE has gradually increased, and critical posts are being posted, which were previously halted owing to COVID. Employers are also looking for excellent skills and experience that can be adapted to accelerate digital transformation in forward-thinking businesses.

According to LinkedIn, hiring in the UAE is recovering from a severe drop caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

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Jobs expected to be in high demand in 2022

According to human resource consulting firms Black and Grey and Future Tense, there will be career openings in areas such as digital product creation and e-commerce.

While revealing the list of the top ten most in-demand positions in Dubai for 2022, these HR consultancies predicted that digital product development will be among the highest-paying jobs, with wages reaching Dh40,000 per month.


Top ten jobs with average monthly wages in 2021
Occupation Average Monthly Salaries
Digital product developers AED 20,000
Data scientist AED 32,500
Software engineer AED 10,000
Cloud infrastructure expert AED 11571
Sales and business development AED 8,000
Finance analyst AED 14,000
Education technology experts AED 7,500
E-commerce managers AED 6,000
Marketing and social media specialist AED 15,000
Freelance roles AED 3,000



Job prospects by industry

According to UAE-based recruitment businesses, hiring in the economy-boosting industries of entertainment, hospitality, logistics, tourism, retail, and property would increase in 2022.

Aside from that, recruitment agencies in Dubai believe that global start-ups focused on digital transformation, augmented reality, and e-learning are aiming to establish a foundation in Dubai and are asking job seekers to develop the skills needed to thrive in these industries. They also stated that as the gig economy grows, freelancers will be in high demand.

E-commerce, logistics, healthcare, and education are projected to witness significant hiring in 2022.

According to Robert Half, the FMCG sector will hire new workers in order to keep the economy afloat. The e-commerce sector, which includes both start-ups and established businesses, will also grow because of new transactions, investments, and debuts.

According to Robert Half, “business leaders are largely hiring for roles that support financial recovery, digital transformation, and human resources.”

According to the recruitment business, sectors such as pharmaceuticals, utilities, FMCG, and government would be looking for employees with strong soft skills.

Executive assistants, finance managers, human resources (HR) officers, and financial analysts are among the well-known positions that will be filled.

There will also be a need for digital professionals to help organizations with their digital transformation.

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