United StatesUS immigrationJune 27, 2022by prominent.contentThe US Embassy has announced a new batch of student visa interview slots

Highlights from the US Embassy news:


  • The US Embassy in India has begun student visa interviews for students planning to arrive on university campuses in mid-August.
  • In 2021, US officials issued a record number of 62,000 student visas to students attending US universities.
  • The United States will open the first batch interview slots in June and July of 2022.
  • The US Embassy has announced that students whose student visas were previously denied will be given a second opportunity.
  • Students with F, M, and J student visas, as well as I-20s, can now schedule interviews for August.


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The United States Embassy in India


At contrast to 2021, US officials plan to offer more student visas for enrolment in US colleges in 2022. Last year, around 62,000 student visas were issued. If students were unable to book a visa appointment in the first allotment, the US Embassy advised them not to be disheartened.

The US Embassy in India has recently opened appointments for students who want to start classes in August. Students who have filed for the student visa categories F, M, and J and have an I-20 can now schedule their interviews. The interviews will begin on August 14, according to tweets from the embassy.


The United States announced in May that the first round of student interview slots would be available in June and July 2022.

Last year, the US Embassy in Delhi and the Indian Consulates began holding student visa interviews. Because of the epidemic, many students wishing to attend US institutions acquired I-20 student documents from universities but had to wait a long time for interviews.

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According to the US embassy, given the current situation, the embassy will focus primarily on students in June, July, and August, and will open slots for the remaining days of July and the first half of August shortly.


The US embassy has relaxed the regulations and declared that student visa applicants who were previously denied visa interviews will be given a second chance. Furthermore, students can check for appointments in the second part of August, and those who do will get a second shot at the interview.


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