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You are not alone if you want to obtain a CanadStudy Visa to pursue an MBA in 2022. Thousands of international students compete for the Study Permit in Canada. For a variety of factors, the country has emerged as the most popular study abroad destination. Here are the top 9 Canadian MBA programmes in 2022:


QS Ranking University
1 45 Schulich School
2 81 University of Canada West
3 119 University of Alberta
4 51 University of British Columbia
5 25 University of Toronto
6 35 McGill University
7 601 University of Windsor
8 370 University of Victoria
6 650 University of Manitoba


The Schulich School

The Schulich School of Business is the name given to Queen’s University’s Business School. It is ranked 45th in the world and hence the best business school in Canada for MBA students. CNN Expansion, Forbes, and The Economist have all backed the ranking. It also provides online MBA programmes.


Annual Intake

 Full-time MBA programmes begin in January and September.

Courses available

Schulich School of Business provides a variety of MBA programmes, and you can:

  • Pursue a dual MBA or tailor your MBA programme
  • Complete your MBA Program in 20 to 16 months
  • Study part-time
Western University of Canada

One of the highlights of the MBA College at University of Canada West is the QS Rankings. All of its MBA graduates found suitable positions within six months of graduation.

Annual Capacity

The four intakes are as follows:

October: Fall intake

January: Winter intake

April: Spring intake

The University of Canada West offers the following courses:
  • MBA
  • Preparatory Courses- MBA Foundation
  • B.A. Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associate of Arts

Alberta University

With a QS world ranking of 119, the University of Alberta is well-known for its graduate and undergraduate programmes. Overseas students from 170 countries are enrolled here, and 700 programmes are offered.

Annual Capacity
  • The main intake is in the fall, and the application deadline is April 15th.
Courses available

The University of Alberta offers the following courses:

  • MBA core courses that last 20 months and include an internship
  •  From international trade to natural resource management
  •  From finance to marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Public Policy and Administration
  •  International Trade
  •  Knowledge of Career Management
  • Sustainability
  • Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy
British Columbia University

The University of British Columbia is highly competitive due to the remarkable track record of its graduates. It has a rather high acceptance rate, with 25% for graduate programmes and 505 for undergraduate programmes.

Annual Capacity
  • There are three seasonal intakes: fall, winter, and summer.
Courses Available
  • The University of British Columbia offers a variety of graduate programmes, including:
  •  Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  •  Engineering Master’s Degree
  •  Business Analytics Master’s Degree
  • Doctor of Philosophy
Toronto University

The MBA programme at Toronto University is full-time and lasts two years. The Financial Times ranked its MBA programme as one of the best 22 in North America. Its MBA programme is ranked 40th in the world.

Annual Capacity
  • The two main sources of intake are:
  •  Autumn – The deadline is February 3rd.
  • Winter – June 2nd deadline
Courses available

Aside from the standard MBA programme, the University of Toronto offers a number of different specialities to assist students to tailor their experience:

  •  Graphic Design for Business
  •  Asset Management
  •  Brand Administration
  •  Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • MBA in general
  • Consulting
  • Global Administration
McGill University

McGill University is regarded as one of the top three Canadian universities. It guarantees that its graduates will be offered a job within 6 to 3 months of graduation.

Annual Capacity

There is only one annual Fall intake.

Courses available
  • The following graduate programmes are available at McGill University:
  • Mechanical Engineering Master of Engineering (M.Eng)
  •  M.Eng in Civil Engineering/Chemistry
  • M.Sc. (Master of Science) in Computer Science
  • Aerospace Engineering Master of Engineering (M.Eng)
  • • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A)
  • Master of Management (M.MGMT) – Analytical skills
  • Master of Management in Finance (M.MGMT)
  •  M.A. in Economics
Windsor University

The Institution of Windsor is a public research university that provides 65 Doctoral and Graduate degrees, as well as 190 Undergraduate degrees. This university has students from over 100 different countries. It has a QS ranking of 751-800, and 35% of its students are international.

Annual Capacity
  • There is just one annual Fall intake, and the application deadline is April 1st.
Courses Available

The MBA programme takes 14 months to complete. This programme offers the following specialisations:

  • General Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accountancy
  • Finance
Victoria University

The top Canadian Comprehensive Universities 2019 – Maclean ranks the University of Victoria second. It provides a variety of facilities to students in order to make their experience as easy as possible.